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Dazzle Your Taste Buds With Exciting Hummus Recipes

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Hummus calories
The popularity of Hummus spread has enjoyed considerable growth in the United States over the last couple of decades. Although it’s been popular within certain circles for many years, you have probably noticed new varieties of hummus spreads and dips popping up on supermarket shelves. While many Americans are yet to discover even the most basic varieties of hummus spread, hummus has been a staple food in the Middle East for centuries. Even though the exact time frame is uncertain, we do know that ancient Middle Eastern people were the first to discover that they could create a tasty and satisfying food by combining mashed chickpeas with edible spices and oils. Since chickpeas are the considered to be one of the first legumes to be cultivated, it is possible that hummus has been around for more than 5,000 year

Discover the Latest Hummus Recipes

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Hummus nutrition
Hummus spread originated in many centuries ago in the ancient Middle East. The discovery of the earliest hummus recipes can be attributed to the growing conditions found in this specific area of the world. As the the soil and climate were ideal for the growth of chickpeas, hummus eventually became one of the most widely foods of middle eastern people. While there are still many Americans who are yet to try hummus recipes of any kind, hummus has been popular for many years among vegetarians, vegans, and people with more adventurous tastes. As people in the United States continue to discover hummus, there are several varieties of hummus spreads available at just about every supermarket chain. Whether one prefers traditiona

Looking to Distill Your Own Moonshine at Home?

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In the United States, moonshine has been given the name ” White Lightening”, because it is not aged and generally produced with a very high alcohol proof. On that note, moonshine obtains potency because it is either lightly cut, or not cut at all. With the help of home distillery equipment like a home moonshine still or home whiskey kits, people can make their own moonshine. Home distilling kits are very common in certain areas, as they make distilling whiskey at home possible. Importantly, however, it is very important for people to know what they are doing before distilling their own alcohol, as messing up can cause serious problems. On that note, the process of distil

What You Didn’t Know About The Food World’s Littlest Hero Micro Greens!

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You just sat down at the newest gourmet restaurant in town and an appetizer is set down in front of you which makes use of small greens and little edible flowers. What are they, you ask? They’re micro greens! Here are three things you didn’t know about those little greens that foodies everywhere are going nuts over! 1.) They’re delicious! If you think you can lump these delicate-looking micro greens into the same category as that parsley sprig that you usually push aside and write off as decoration, you’re wrong. Dead wrong! These little babies are full of flavor. They accent any kind of dish. And the gourmet chef in the kitchen knows exactly how to pair micro greens with appetizers and entrees to

A Tasty and Nutritious Snack Alternative

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Classic guacamole
Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and appalled at the amount of weight you seem to have gained over the winter months? It might now seem possible, but it is not rare for some people to add 15 to 20 extra pounds to their bodies over the winter. And it’s not only because of the holidays either. According to the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition, the average American can become one-third less active during the winter months. Not surprisingly, winter inactivity is highest among residents who live in Northern regions. If that isn’t bad enough, people who become more sedentary during the winter months spend more of the time snacking than making any effort to increase their activity levels. Although it is always best to make an effort to get more exercise during the winter, it is

Indoor Grow Cabinets are the Way to Grow

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Hydroponic grow cabinet
Do you have a green thumb? It can be hard on those of us who live in a sometimes inhospitable climate to put our desire to garden on the back burner. For those who cannot be outside all year round tending to your plants a hydroponic grow box or indoor grow cabinet with LEDs may be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of the benefits. Heat When growing plants inside it is critical to match the outdoor climate conditions in which the plants typically thrive. This has traditionally been a struggle for indoor plant growers. Because HPS bulbs used to heat the plants can run 400 degrees they need to be cooled to maintain the right temperature for the plant. Running an air conditioner is

Making Cake with Cake Mix? Liven It up with These Tips

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Desserts are among the most popular foods in the United States, making a perfect cap to all of the best yummy dinner ideas. Consider, according to the American Institute of Baking, over $356 million worth of frozen pies are sold in the United States every year. Pies, cookies, ice cream, and other postres: we absolutely love them all.
Of course, you can’t talk about the dessert landscape in the United States without talking about cake. We have cake at weddings, birthday parties, and other milestone celebrations. We turn cake into miniature cupcakes, hoping to spread our love of our favorite dessert in a more convenient form. Of course, not all of us have the know-how or the time to bake a perfect bit of cake from scratch.

Salsa Spices Up The Week Night

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Fresh salsa
So, it’s no secret that TexMex cuisine is all the rage. Going out for some south of the boarder cuisine is great for dates and family gatherings alike. One of the most crucial ingredients for any successful Mexican dish is salsa. If you have a good assortment of fresh salsa choices, chances are you have a good meal. Most recipes using salsa will be in the dip family. Some different types of salsa dips include, classic mild salsa dip, pico de gallo salsa dips, and other assorted southwestern salsa recipes. There are however creative recipes using salsa that we can enjoy has well. Here are a few that I particularly enjoy. The first of our recipes using salsa is chipotle chili. This is a great one for a cold week