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Which Came First, the Ice Cream or the Ice Cream Cup?

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Plastic ice cream cups
Everyone loves ice cream. Whether it be standard gelato, frozen yogurt, or standard custard, everybody has some frozen treat they pine after. Because of this, the ice cream industry is becoming a booming market. Just at the end of 2013, there were an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt shops, a number which has substantially risen since then.
For all of these shops to function and meet the high demand of their customers, the production of their goods must keep up. Between creating the actual custard, making ice cream cups, and manufacturing plastic tasting spoons, there are a number of facets that go into stocking an ice cream shop.
There is so much demand for t

The #1 Most Unique Place To Have a Wedding in 2016!

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Brunch with santa
You’ve said yes, you’re finally getting used to the feel of the ring on your finger, and everyone says you’re glowing. Now comes the hard part, planning the wedding. And the most important decision you’ll make (after “Will you marry me?”) is where to actually get hitched.
So what are the best places to have a wedding in 2016? No doubt you’re tired of poring over lists of “5 Unique Wedding Places” and “7 Romantic Wedding Places” by now. So we’ll try and mix things up with some wedding venue ideas you haven’t thought of yet.
1. The Trailblazer Package: Cuba
With the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba finally lifted, you can be one of the first Americans to play a destination wedding in Cuba. Not

There’s No Place Like Hummus for the Holidays

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Uses for hummus spread
Canada observes more than 15 public holidays yearly (up to 22, depending on your territory or province) ? what better occasions are there for spending time with family and friends? And what do we all love to do when we get together? Eat!

Hey, eating?s fantastic, we need to eat, but when it comes to the holidays, we tend to over do it a bit, or more than a bit. Now, I don?t want to alarm you, but the prevalence of weight issues and obesity in Canada?s adult population shows that 50% of Canadian women and 70% of Canadian men are intaking more calories than they expend. And this is a continuing trend. From 2003 to 2012, obesity rose almost 18% among men and almost 17% among women.

So what can we eat at the holidays that?s delicious, healthy, locally grown? How about Hummus?