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The Basics of Edible Flowers

Written by Healthy Eater. Posted in Edible rose petals, Micro vegetables, Sugar flowers for wedding cakes

Candied flowers
What exactly are edible flowers? Most people definitely don’t think this means real flowers; if you’ve ever walked through a garden and tasted a tulip or petunia petal, you probably know that flowers aren’t the most appetizing of plants when eaten on their own.
The thing is, when you add a crystallization process into the mix, you end up with delicious and beautiful accents that are real flowers and taste great.
Don’t believe it?
Think about herbal teas, for example. It’s very common to see teas that are infused with lavender, hibiscus, or rose flavorings. These flavors are delicious when they’re assembled with the right ingredients, and this is exactly why edible flowers can taste great