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Three of the Many Benefits of Peanuts

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Benefits of peanuts

America is famous for a great many things and rightfully so. We have made many advances in a great number of areas in the world. From the world of automobiles to the creation of the iPhone to the way we prepare and serve food.

When it comes to food, many would argue that we have some of the most fertile lands in the world, allowing us to grow fruits and vegetables as well as graze our animals to provide some of the best foods on the planet to our citizens and to the people of the world. Some would argue that one of the greatest foods we produce comes from the ground and is referred to by many as earth nuts. These, as you might already know, are peanuts.

Many nuts grow in the soil of America and peanuts make up 67% of all of the nut consumption in the country. Folks eat their peanuts in

The Benefits of Buying Grass Fed Animals Online

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Buy wild sockeye salmon online

Many individuals who are conscious about their health and want to do what they can in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. One way to stay healthy and be aware of what is going into one?s body is choosing to eat certain foods, such as free range pork and wagyu beef online. Choosing to shop for these foods is usually easier to do so in an online environment, since not all grocery stores may specialize in providing grass fed beef, or may not have an extensive organic section that makes shopping easy. Here are a few reasons why shopping online for food is a smart idea.
It Is Healthier Than Options Found at the Grocery Store
When buying from the grocery store, it should come a

One Big Trick to Saving on Food Costs

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The average American consumed almost 200 pounds of meat in 2014, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. That’s a lot. The main four animals that make up American meat consumption are chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows — also known as “the big four.” Imagine then, that instead of going to the butcher shop or a meat market and buying burgers, you had a way to cut down on that “buy what I want when I want it” model and save money. That method exists.

Buy Meat in Bulk

It’s actually pretty simple: If you buy meat in bulk, you save money. Let’s say that your family really likes Continue Reading No Comments