Indoor Grow Cabinets are the Way to Grow

Hydroponic grow cabinet

Do you have a green thumb? It can be hard on those of us who live in a sometimes inhospitable climate to put our desire to garden on the back burner. For those who cannot be outside all year round tending to your plants a hydroponic grow box or indoor grow cabinet with LEDs may be just what you’re looking for. Here are some of the benefits.

When growing plants inside it is critical to match the outdoor climate conditions in which the plants typically thrive. This has traditionally been a struggle for indoor plant growers. Because HPS bulbs used to heat the plants can run 400 degrees they need to be cooled to maintain the right temperature for the plant. Running an air conditioner is not always feasible for plant growers. An indoor grow cabinet with LED bulbs maintain the desired temperature without requiring drastic measure to cool the bulb.

Because you don’t need to utilize the cooling power of large fans, an indoor grow cabinet with LEDs can be much more cost effective than the alternative. The typically LED uses only 60% of the power of traditional lights which makes indoor hydroponic system a fairly cost effective way to garden.

A typically HPS bulb used for indoor plant growing needs to be replaced, on average, once a year. If you garden indoors all year round this can start to add up. The LED bulbs found in an indoor grow cabinet can last for anywhere from eight to ten years. Depending how successful of a gardener you are, this could outlast the life of the plant!

You can customize your indoor grow cabinet so that all stages of plant life are supported on one fixture. This makes for relatively easy and straightforward care and maintenance.

If you’re looking for the best way to grow indoors you may want to look into indoor grow cabinets with LEDs as an easy and efficient way to grow.

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