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Unique Corporate Gifts — Wow Your Corporate Contacts With Luxurious, Made-To-Order Cookie Gift Boxes

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In the world of modern, fast-paced business, building lasting relationships is of prime importance. You are likely to cross paths with many influential people including customers, suppliers and partners, and get to forge important relationships that would bring in rich rewards for your business and last for many years to come. In the corporate world, giving gifts to people you know is a common phenomenon, and one that is meant to foster greater rapport and enhance business relationships. While many companies use gift items that are merely promotional material or small everyday use items, a great idea for unique corporate gifts is something consumable. When it comes to unique corporate gifts, a nice box of gourmet cookies can be a great choice.

Consumed heavily both as a snack and also as post-meal desser

Improve Your Diet By Eating Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

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Chances are you are not eating enough vegetables. That is because it has been found that nine out of 10 Americans do not consume enough produce. However there are easy ways to increase the number of greens that you eat, and one of them is by using greek yogurt veggie dip.
By dunking your produce in Greek yogurt veggie dip, you can increase the amount you eat from one cup to many in no time. That is because it tastes good and is better for you than traditional sour cream dips. In fact, Greek yogurt dips have almost 70% fewer calories and almost 90% less fat than the leading sour cream dips.
Increasing your vegetable intake through the use of Greek yogurt dip is important for a number of reasons. These include the fact that according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, eating vegetables helps to aid in

3 Fast and Easy Appetizer Recipes to Wow Your Party Guests With

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There are a lot of reasons you might be hosting a party in the near future: the Super Bowl, Easter, the primary elections (if that’s your thing). If you need to put together a great menu for a large group of people on a dime, without too much effort, you came to the right place. Please find our list of winning fast and easy appetizers below!

The World’s Best Fast and Easy Appetizers

Authentic Hummus Recipes
Hummus is one of our favorite fast and easy appetizers because the ingredients cost a few pennies per serving, it is generally loved by all, and there are so many serving options and uses for Continue Reading No Comments

The Wonderful Gift of Cookies

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Everyone loves sweets and deserts. This makes them a wonderful and highly appreciated gift, no matter who the gift is for. Everyone has had that one time they had to figure out what to gift to someone important. Perhaps you don?t know that person that well, or perhaps you are in charge of purchasing for many people, such as employees or a group or a club. Gift box ideas often are a great idea, because they include a variety of options and give the person multiple smaller gifts. A cookie gift basket will look thoughtful and taste delicious, too. Cookies are extremely popular in the country. In fact, the chocolate chip cookie just celebrated its 75th birthday in 2013. Additionally, cookies; which are perfect for snacking on or as a dessert,

Are You Ready for National Frozen Yogurt Day?

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Calling all lovers of sweet, sugary goodness! February 6, 2016, National Frozen Yogurt Day, is just around the corner. In honor of this momentous occasion, our attention turned to this sweet treat and made us question, ?Is it possible this delicious dessert can get any better?? We came up with three ways to improve your frozen yogurt experience!
    Toppings! With a few extra frozen yogurt supplies, an average cup can be transformed into the ice cream sundae or dessert of your dreams. From whipped cream to sprinkles, fruit to candy, the possibilities are endless. You can twist your flavors together in a cone or mix them together in a paper