What You Didn’t Know About The Food World’s Littlest Hero Micro Greens!

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You just sat down at the newest gourmet restaurant in town and an appetizer is set down in front of you which makes use of small greens and little edible flowers. What are they, you ask? They’re micro greens! Here are three things you didn’t know about those little greens that foodies everywhere are going nuts over!

1.) They’re delicious! If you think you can lump these delicate-looking micro greens into the same category as that parsley sprig that you usually push aside and write off as decoration, you’re wrong. Dead wrong! These little babies are full of flavor. They accent any kind of dish. And the gourmet chef in the kitchen knows exactly how to pair micro greens with appetizers and entrees to give your taste buds a ride like they’ve never had before.

2.) They take a lot of care to grow. Although micro greens come from the same seeds used for full-sized herbs and vegetables, don’t think that you’ll be able to get the same results as professional growers. Micro greens, along with micro herbs and edible blossoms take know-how to grow. It all started in the mid 1990s in Southern California. Most varieties have a growing time of 1-2 weeks, but some can take up to 6 weeks.

3.) They’re used in a variety of ways. Micro greens have found their way into every kind of restaurant dish from the micro herbs on your salad to edible blossoms on your dessert cupcake. This specialty produce is used in condiments, cheese, butter and spreads.

It’s no wonder these little heroes are taking the food world by storm. Micro greens have wide appeal and great taste. The more chefs and foodies experiment with edible flowers and plants, the more they finding delicious ways to use them.

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