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3 Reasons to Switch to Craft Beer This Summer

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For many people, springtime in the North-western Hemisphere means two things: the sun and beer. As we crawl out of hibernation, many of us are beginning to plan our first cookout of the year, milling through local catering services and trying to choose a date that doesn’t conflict with post-season baseball. With the increasing number of craft beers on the market, here are three reasons you should think about including craft beer at the cookout.
1. It’s Not All About Alcohol…
While not the only good thing about an ice cold beer, the alcohol content plays an important role in flavor and texture. The alcohol content of your average

7 Facts to Remind You Why Ice Cream is Awesome

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This world is filled with sadness and negative people. It’s gotten so bad recently, that we’re at the point where if we even think about indulging in something fun or delicious, we immediately make ourselves feel bad about it.
People are starting to not even enjoy delicious treat anymore. They still like the taste because they’re… well… delicious. But they are being eaten with frowns. It’s time to put an end to this food shaming time we live in now! Sure, you can’t stuff your face with cake and have ice cream cups stacked up to the roof of your car; but it’s time to feel good about enjoying all the wonders life has to offer.
Ice cream. That’s the key. That’s the key to happiness if you ask most people. There are so many wonderful things about Continue Reading No Comments