Looking to Distill Your Own Moonshine at Home?

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In the United States, moonshine has been given the name ” White Lightening”, because it is not aged and generally produced with a very high alcohol proof. On that note, moonshine obtains potency because it is either lightly cut, or not cut at all. With the help of home distillery equipment like a home moonshine still or home whiskey kits, people can make their own moonshine.

Home distilling kits are very common in certain areas, as they make distilling whiskey at home possible. Importantly, however, it is very important for people to know what they are doing before distilling their own alcohol, as messing up can cause serious problems. On that note, the process of distilling Moonshine is a complicated one, but the finished product is a high quality, high proof clear whiskey.

The process of creating Moonshine became extremely popular in the United States during the Prohibition Era, when alcoholic beverages were illegal. Making moonshine is considered a tradition in many families, and there are many recipes to choose from to perfect the flavor and quality of your moonshine.
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