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5 Types Of Food That Could Be The Keys To Fighting Your Child’s Flu

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For most parents, your child getting the flu is kind of your worst nightmare. The flu isn’t the death sentence that it once was — most of us catch it, treat it, and move on. But it’s nonetheless a difficult virus for kids to deal with. For that matter, a lot of parents find that the flu comes in many different forms. It can be difficult to know whether or not your child is going to get the type of flu that they can recover from in a few days, or one that could put them out of commission for weeks; although generally speaking, kids up to age five and adults over 65 are the most at risk for catching more severe cases of the flu. This is why, ideally, you’ll want your children to avoid the flu altogether. The best practice, of course, is to make sure that your kids get their flu shots well ahead of time. But sometimes, the flu can sneak up on you. For that matter, the flu shot doesn’t necessarily protect recipients from every strain of the flu. It can be hard to stay ahead of a flu epidemic. Unfortunately, elementary schools and daycare centers are breeding grounds for the flu, which is why children are often the first ones to catch it, even before snow plows roll in for the winter and flu season officially starts.

Chances are that if your children get sick with the flu, you’ll want to stay home from the office to take care of them. They’ll feel more comfortable with their parents around, and the flu isn’t the type of illness that a child can deal with on their own. With that being said, you’ll of course want to make an effort to help your child recover as soon as possible. One of the best ways you can do that is by making them healthy meals that are designed to help them get better. While healthy meals can’t cure the flu, certain food recipes can help treat its symptoms, and will at the very minimum help take your child’s mind off of how bad they’re feeling. Flu season may be tough to deal with, and you might as well prepare your menu in advance. So, whether you’re dealing with the old-fashioned flu or a strain that affects your children in other ways, you may want to look below to uncover some healthy meals that will help them fight through it a bit more easily.

1. Soups

This may seem obvious — but it does with good reason. Soups can come in the forms of heavy dinners or lighter, healthy meals. But they tend to be considered reliable standbys for those dealing with the flu. For one thing, they’re usually easier for the sick to consume, as they’re liquid-based. Fluid is exactly what you need to focus on when you’re sick with the flu, and soup has been known to clear up congestion. It’s also just soothing! Of course, it’s a good idea to focus on certain types of soups over others if you want to effectively help your children recover. Chicken noodle soup, as cliche as it may seem, really does aid in clearing up congestion. The chicken and vegetables bolster the immune system, which in turn will help make children fight off their illness. The heat of the broth opens up the nasal passages and cuts through the mucus that creates congestion. You may want to focus on incorporating vegetables with anti-inflammatory qualities, like cauliflower, butternut squash, and curry powder. But ultimately, you should keep in mind that the goal is to feed your child something that is easy for them to eat. If your kids have more adventurous palates, encourage them to pursue that — but flu season is not the time to push themselves. Is chicken soup not quite their style? Try something based in spinach. Egg drop soup is a fantastic base, which can be supported with vegetables like spinach, as well as a bit of cheese perhaps. Spinach and parmesan egg drop soup is one unique recipe that is light enough for your kids to easily eat but flavorful enough to keep it from being boring. After all, sick kids are still kids; and kids can be picky! Should you wish to focus entirely on vegetables and do without animal products like chicken or eggs entirely, look towards a carrot soup or something based on lentils.

2. Garlic Recipes

None of us love garlic breath, but it’s a surprisingly effective ingredient in healthy meals that can help beat the flu. And despite the issues that come with garlic, it is a delicious ingredient that most kids won’t turn their noses up at. Garlic, as an ingredient, is another food that is known to help boost the immune system and clear up congestion. Of course, you’ll want to avoid giving your children anything too heavy when they’re in the throes of the flu, but you could play with heavier recipes, many of which include garlic, when they’re starting to feel better. Of course, there are soups that you can throw garlic into — garlic soup is itself a healthy meal, though perhaps a bit out of the box for some kids. You may want to prepare chicken and rice for your child — why not up the garlic factor in the chicken? Of course, if you want to prepare a healthy meal that has a real effect, you shouldn’t just rely on garlic flavoring or garlic powder. Incorporate real cloves of garlic for real results. Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to resist chicken made with cloves of garlic. Setting some aside for yourself isn’t a bad idea; while providing home health care for your kids, you’ll probably run the risk of getting sick yourself. You should boost your immune system as much as you can beforehand.

3. Ginger Recipes

For some kids, ginger may be a run of the mill ingredient in most healthy meals, which they’re largely familiar with. For others, it might be a little new. However, if you have a child with the flu, you’ll want to consider ginger-based recipes. While you may not be surprised that soup and garlic aid in clearing congestion, many don’t know about the healing properties of ginger. Ginger has been known to lessen headaches and nausea, which aren’t always symptoms of the flu but can accompany some strains. Soups are almost always savory, and garlic is usually included in savory meals as well. But ginger can actually play into both dinner and dessert, which makes it a good ingredient to offer your kids. You may want to make your kids ginger muffins, which won’t be too difficult for them to keep down. On the other hand, ginger can also be included as a garnish or topping; a ginger glaze can be put over vegetables, and you can sprinkle ginger on top of milder meals. You could always try your hand at a natural ginger ale as well. Though many people think of ginger ale for the sick — the mass-produced ginger ale doesn’t have the healing qualities that natural ginger ale can offer, and certainly can’t substitute in for a healthy meal>

4. Natural Smoothies

A smoothie may not necessarily seem like a healthy meal; but in fact, many smoothie recipes can offer the same ingredients you’d find in a whole meal. If your child is dealing with a fever, you should look into making them colder foods. While there is a traditional idea of feeding a cold and starving a fever, the fact is that the flu can weaken your body. You may not feel like eating, but you should — and this is particularly true for children, who will already have a harder time fighting off the flu. A smoothie not only will help cool the body down — it’s also much easier for kids to keep eat and keep down if they’re nauseated. It’s also rather gentle and soothing for those with sore throats. But what should go into flu-fighting smoothies? Citrus and berries, ideally. Dairy generally should be avoided as much as possible by those dealing with the flu, so you should keep that a bit low in your smoothies. Build them up with oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. These fruits are anti-inflammatory, and furthermore are theorized to reduce fevers as well. Berries have been shown to include flavonoids as well, which are exactly the components in citrus fruits that aid in combatting the flu. You might as well make tumblers full of smoothies when your kids are sick with the flu. They’re easy standbys, and when you’re busy taking care of sick children you’ll want to spend as little time cooking as possible. If your kids don’t like smoothies, an alternative could be natural, fruit-based ice pops. Again, try to stay away from dairy, sugar, and other heavy ingredients. These could easily tip your healthy meals into the type of food that might drag your patients down.

5. Bland Meals

This may seem like a contradiction when you compare it to the soup and garlic recipes we mentioned above. But if your kids are dealing with nausea and diarrhea, the best types of healthy meals for their symptoms are often bland ones. Again, your child may not even want to look at food when they’re really sick. However, they need to keep their strength up, and this often involves bland foods that are easy to deal with. You may think of crackers and toast as the types of bland staples we tend to fall back on. But if you’d rather stick to something a bit more natural, think of starches. Rice and potatoes are easy bases for kids to eat when they’re sick. Bananas and applesauce are also reliable, as is oatmeal. If none of that is appealing to your child — or if they want to eat something even easier — look to watermelon. It may not seem like the type of food you should eat when you’re sick. But watermelon is rather bland and easy on the stomach, is a sweeter alternative to starches, and is, as the name suggests, very water-based. However you can get a kid who has the flu to intake fluid, you need to make it happen.

No matter how many healthy meals you feed your child, they can’t take the place of medicine. Have your child receive a flu shot as quickly as possible. If it’s too late, then make sure to supplement the meals you cook up with flu medication, and keep an eye on your child’s symptoms. If their fever spikes, don’t hesitate to go to an urgent care center. Keep an eye on things like excessive coughing, nausea, or diarrhea. But once you have your child’s symptoms under control and you can focus on recovery, don’t discount the importance of the food they eat. A healthy diet is the easiest way for a child to keep his or her strength up when they’re sick, and a great meal can help them feel better emotionally as well. Cooking can be good for you too. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed when your child is sick, try your best to stay calm. Stepping into the kitchen and cooking up a flu-fighting meal could be your first step to kick-starting a recovery!


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Healthy Eating for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

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Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Over the last 20 years there has been a massive shift in the attitude towards health for Americans. Over two thirds of millennial’s say that they prefer ordering healthy options at restaurants. The SAD (standard American diet) of the past is not going to last much longer. That being said, though a lot of people know that eating healthy is important, there are a lot of myths and misinformation around it. Many people believe that eating healthy is hard, that it won’t taste good, or that it costs way too much money. False. False. And False. Whether it’s quick meals, healthy food to go, or healthy lunch ideas, there are plenty of ways to improve your eating habits. The great thing about healthy food to go, is that improving eating habits has far reaching impacts of well-being. In addition to the obvious physical health benefits of eating well, there are also some incredible mental and emotional health benefits.

Healthy Food To Go: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Strength

Here are some of the most fantastic benefits of getting healthy food to go: Appropriate Weight Management: Eating healthy isn’t just about weight loss, but it can also be about weight gain. Though most people who are looking to eat healthy do it because they have too much fat on their bodies, some do it because they need to add more fat and muscle. Eating healthy can improve your bodies ability to gain or lose weight naturally and as needed to bring your weight into proper balance. Reduce Risk of Life Threatening Disease: Eating healthy has been linked to reduced risks for all major diseases. This is regardless of your genetic disposition. In fact, there is a train of thought within the scientific community that thinks diseases are more related to diets, which are passed down by families, than they are related to genetics. Eating healthy can reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and brain disease. This ensures a long life that is also enjoyable. Increased Mood: Eating healthy meals to go is more than just getting physically in shape and looking good. It also improves your mood. Poor dietary habits have been found to increase symptoms of depression and fatigue. On the flip side, a healthy eating lifestyle has been shown to increase responsiveness, happiness, and over all feelings of optimism. Increase Self-Confidence: Self-esteem is usually linked to a positive body image. By positive body image, we do not mean having 6 pack abs and 4% body fat. A positive body image means you feel good about your body and your ability to move and live. Shirlye Kaplan from the American Nutrition Association said, “Since mind and body are one entity, the smooth, interrelated functioning of our body parts and our brain chemistry provide the foundation for an inherent sense of wellness.” Increase Cognitive Performance: In addition to reducing the risk of brain diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer, a healthy food intake can increase cognitive performance at any stage of life. This boost in performance can help with work, school, and general learning. Increased Energy Levels: The Harvard Medical Center did a study that shows a healthy diet helps provide high, steady energy throughout the day. A healthy diet includes unrefined carbs (such as brown rice, quinoa, lentils, and beans), healthy proteins, healthy fats, and is mostly plant based. As you start eating healthy consistently, you will notice a rise in energy levels throughout the day, helping you feel better and accomplish more. So whatever your reason is for looking for healthy food to go, remember that eating healthy is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fad diet. Perhaps some of the best advice on healthy eating is from Michael Pollan’s food mantra, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” These simple seven words make healthy eating easy to incorporate into daily routines. Remember, healthy eating can taste delicious, be quick, easy, and fun. Easy healthy meals are our specialty and we are happy to help you find healthy breakfast ideas to spice up your culinary plate!

How Paper Cups Support Our Lifestyles

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We use paper cups for just about everything. Their versatility allows them to meet the demands of nearly anything we throw at them, from hectic schedule rushes for coffee to midnight cravings for steaming, hot soup during finals from a local Pho restaurant, where bowls are too much of a hassle. But we never seem to consider how much we take this mundane, yet extraordinary item for granted. From cheap coffee mugs to paper to go coffee cups, cups power us through our day to the fuel it gives us to survive strenuous study sessions—they are revolutionary. At an initial glance, it seems a silly thing to celebrate but imagining our lives without them puts their importance into a broader perspective.

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Wine is a beverage favorite for many—its crisp flavors and inviting, seasonal aromas bring togetherness among parties and social events, alike. It doesn’t take a wine enthusiast to understand and appreciate the diverse, rich taste in every bottle, but the most people would agree wine is an acquired taste for many reasons. For many, their preferences to wine is found through wine online shopping and online wine sellers, where they can carefully select their type of wine they want in the comfort of their location. The popularity of wine is attributed to its pairing with a variety of different foods that provides something for everyone’s palate. However, there is a new market found through online wine sellers that has quickly gained traction for its unbeatable wine deals online, on great wines that can only be found through an online wine shop.

Best Seasonal Wines

Like everything, wines are optimal depending on the

In The Trucking Industry Information About Reefer Trailers You Should Know

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In the United States, and around the world, the trucking industry is extremely prevalent and important. In simple terms, trucks transport a variety of goods from place to place. They can carry clothes, packages, electronics- and most importantly food and drink. When trucks transport food and drink from place to place, it’s important that they have the correct vehicle and means to do so. No one wants spoiled or rotten food, and warm drinks. The food and drink need to stay in good, fresh, and healthy condition. But don’t you worry, if you’re in the trucking industry, there is a specific type of vehicle you need for all your storing and transporting needs. Here’s the information you should know about reefer trailers.
What Is A Reefer Trailer?
First, let’s begin with explaining what a reefer trailer is. A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer (between 28-35 feet in length, and 13.5 feet in height) that one attaches to the back of the truck. The refr

Drinking Coffee Should Be An Experience Modern Essentials Any Coffee Station Should Keep Stocked

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A good cup of coffee isn’t just the taste of the brew, but how it’s all held together.

This is an easy detail to miss, particularly when so much of today’s coffee culture is consumed on-the-go. On a short lunch break, on the way to pick up the kids, on the way to school…it’s a blur of sugar packets and display stands! Keeping your customers in this pleasant groove means embracing the little details that go into a breezy purchase. Paper cup wholesale and accessories are your best tools in today’s saturated world. There are thousands of cafes across the nation, but only some stay in the hearts and minds of customers.

Embrace the basics. Make sure your cafe isn’t caught without these essential resources.

Did You Know?

The American coffee market is thriving. According to recent studies the retail value of the coffee industry is reaching nearly $50 billion, with specialty comprising nearly 55% of the total share. The United Stat

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There is much to consider of Cajun cuisine and its special nature. Delicious seafood of all sorts is available in the Bayou, with crawfish being one of the most popular items. Throughout this area, Creole and Cajun cuisine are two different foods and cultures that you have the ability to experience. They are not far apart, a mere 70 miles. There is a great deal to experience in the area at all times of the year.

History of Cajun Cuisine in the U.S.

Cajun food dates back to the 18th century in America. It exists throughout the southern states and came into the country with Acadian immigrants who had fled Canada at the time. Now, Cajun specialties are known for their hearty and spicy flavor along with being an overall unique menu.

Amazing Crawfish and Cajun Cuisine

While it is not a food that you would consider trying when you live outside the Gulf Coast, crawfish is an amazingly popular form of Continue Reading No Comments

Frozen Treats Served On The Go in Specialty Cups for Your Business

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Serving cups are essential for many other items than drinks at a restaurant. One of the most common locations to use custom cups and others are dessert stands that serve ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. Cups can be used to present the store brand for those that serve and sell these items, especially when they serve these treats to go. With Americans eating these frozen treats almost 30 times a year, there is much to expect in the frequency of these cups circling throughout town.

Custom Cups and Serving Items

Standard paper cups are easy to use and easy to order in bulk. Even though these can be easily ordered, the custom cup is important when a restaurant or other food service station has a certain brand that they can share with the public. With local ice cream stands and other brands, custom cups, spoons, straws, napkins, and other items that are printed with a specific color and logo help to spread the word.

Additional Cups for Frozen Treats


How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Ice Cream?

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Your daughter noticed the custom ice cream cups during her run earlier in the day. On her three mile trek around the revitalized downtown area you daughter found a bookstore that she wanted to visit and a gift boutique that looked interesting. She also noticed some unique custom ice cream cups that several people were carrying. As an ice cream enthusiast your daughter insisted that you visit this sweet treat shop. She had the name of the business and according to the map app on her camera it was only a half of a mile away.
Some twenty minutes later, however, you still had not located the ice cream shop. The app on your phone indicated that you were close and your daughter was certain that she saw the ice cream fans in the area of the shopping district created with refurbished train cars. Joined together in their original colors the urban shopping distr

What Wine Best Fits Your Seasonal Palette?

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Wine is a beverage favorite for many—its crisp flavors and inviting, seasonal aromas bring togetherness among parties and social events, alike. It doesn’t take a wine enthusiast to understand and appreciate the diverse, rich taste in every bottle, but most people would agree wine is an acquired taste for many reasons. For many, their preferences to wine are found through wine online shopping or wine stores, where they can carefully select their type of wine they want in the comfort of their location. The popularity of wine and craft beer is attributed to its pairing with a variety of different foods that provides something for everyone’s palate. However, there is a new market found in wine online shopping that has quickly gained traction for its unbeatable deals on great wines and craft beer that can only be found in a liquor store.

Best Wine And Spirits

Like everything, wines are optimal depending on their seasonal timing and how they’re made. All wines