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You Can Practically Taste the Mediterranean with This Recipe for Paella

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When you think of Hispanic food, chances are good that the foods you think of –ceviche, tamales, empanadas — are all recetas that have their origins in the Latin American countries of the New World. However, what about those recipes that came from what the Romans referred to as “Hispania?” Spain, like Mexico, Peru, and other Latin American nations, has a long, proud history of Hispanic food.
Of all Hispanic foods that Spain is known for, paella is undoubtedly the most famous. As written on the Kitchen Project, paella represents the perfect fusion of Spain’s most influential cultures — the Romans and North African Arabs. The paella pan, something like a Chinese-style wok, was brought over with the Romans, bu

Integrating a Catering Equipment Maintenance Program

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Tailored maintenance programmes
There are so many elements that can harbor bacteria in a kitchen that you should consider a professional cleaning several times each year. When it comes to safety and sanitation, timely catering equipment repair and maintenance will allow you to continue serving customers without any issues. One thing that makes your commercial kitchens unique is the fact that they have to stay operational for extended periods each day while you work on food prep and cooking. Without well running appliances and equipment, you can put critical operations at risk and increase your energy bills. When you insure that everything runs well and that you have paid proper attention to catering equipment repair, your business can continue to thrive. Since most of your appliances may need occasional calibration and pro

Guacamole Can make For A Healthy and Tasty Snack or Treat

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Lots of people love guacamole for the great taste is adds to Mexican and southwest style dishes. Many people also forget that guacamole nutrition is much better than that of similar foods because of how great it tastes. Fresh guacamole dips can be rich in vitamins and provide the consumer with many nutrients. Guacamole nutrition is one of the foods most overlooked traits. Many people might be wondering, “what is guacamole?” Classic guacamole recipes make use of avocados, olive oil, and other spices. These natural ingredients leave guacamole nutrition being flawless. When you take into account how versatile guacamole can be as a snack, the guacamole nutrition is even more

Five Fun Facts About Hummus Dips

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Hummus dips
Hummus dips and spreads are the latest health food craze sweeping the nation. This food, made from ground chickpeas, is popular as a dip and a spread and comes in a variety of flavors. But do you know where hummus came from or how it became so popular? If not, then check out these five fun facts about hummus dips below: 1. Hummus is made from chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. Chickpeas were brought to the Middle East by the ancient Phoenicians. That means they began cultivating this legume, or bean, about 7,000 years ago! Hummus and chickpeas have a long history in the Middle East, and chickpeas are commonly used in dishes all across the Near East and the Mediterranean. 2. Hummus literally means “chickpeas”–that’s the Arabic word for them. In America and many other Western countries, we simply know the

Tips for Getting Fresh Seafood Delivered

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In the event that you are like numerous individuals, you love seafood. You enjoy the taste of different types of seafood including lobsters, particularly lobster tails, freshwater shrimp, and obviously, crab. One of the more well known sorts of crab is the stone crab. The stone crab is held in high esteem because of its rich taste. There are many ways to consume the sweet claw meat including drenched in melted butter or dunked into a classic mustard sauce. Stone crabs are in high demand because they are only harvested along the Gulf Coast of Florida, resulting in a limited supply You can have these stone crabs and other fresh seafood delivered if you live in an area that does not readily offer seafood. Here are a couple of tips fo