Why Is Authentic Wasabi Paste So Costly?


Did you know that authentic wasabi paste is an expensive food accessory? There’s plenty to know about this authentic food accessory. Here’s a look at some possible reasons why adding real wasabi to your meal is so costly.

Finding True Wasabi

Wasabi is a small plant found in Japan. Analysts point out that it is one of the hardest plants in the world to produce naturally.

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It’s almost impossible to grow wasabi without ideal conditions. Wasabi is generally compatible with mild climates that have steady rainfall. Analysts point out that it can take well over a year for wasabi to harvest even in ideal conditions.

Manual Growth

Wasabi farmers point out that the entire harvesting process is done by hand. After taking the plant apart and cleaning it, farmers shape the wasabi into a stem. The stem allows farmers to take a grate and start creating authentic wasabi paste.

Seafood analysts note that artificial wasabi paste is made along with mustard and horseradish. Authentic wasabi paste has a noticeable and distinct taste that is completely different from artificial paste. Fresh wasabi is sweeter than artificial flavors. However, analysts project that artificial wasabi will continue to stay popular because it’s more affordable and easier to find.

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