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Three of the World’s Best Latin American Cocktails

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Ceviche recipe
Latin American cuisine is loaded with some of the most satisfying dishes on the planet. There’s arroz con pollo, tamales, empanadas, ceviche, enchiladas, gorditas, churros, chile relleno, carne asada — the list goes on — but what about the drinks? The bebidos?
Here are a few of the best recetas de cocina to help you wash your food down.
Mojitos are one of the most favorited recetas de cocina around the world. To make them, you’ll need a dozen fresh leaves of mint, an entire lime’s worth of juice, an ounce of simple syrup, two ounces of white rum, and two ounces of club soda. Muddle the mint first, and then add the simple syrup a

Coffee Franchise Causes Controversy in Central Pennsylvania

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Mobile espresso van
Coffee shop franchise opportunities have long offered entrepreneurs a chance to join a thriving industry and minimize the risks of opening their own business. The latter is usually due to a coffee franchise’s existing training and marketing methods, which help new locations start off on a good foot with a good reputation, something that can take years to build otherwise. Unfortunately, some coffee shop franchise opportunities don’t have a public image that will appeal to every area, making them controversial from the start. Take a recent case in Jamestown, PA, for example: when it was announ

Healthy Desserts are Here to Stay

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Personalized wedding cookies
For many people, eating healthy is a priority. Making sure your diet is correctly balanced for optimum health can be a stressful activity, and many people who are focused on nutrition feel that eating desserts will undo all their hard work. Fortunately, there are many healthy dessert options for people who want to eat well.
One of the biggest issues people face when trying to eat healthy is the abundance of gluten in desserts. Many people are trying to reduce the amount of gluten they consume, whether it’s to treat celiac disease or simply to feel healthier. Baking flour free cookies, cakes, and other desserts is easier than it sounds. To make flour free cookies and cakes, simply replace the flour with egg or, for

The Microgreen Trend

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Micro herbs
One way to mark an upswing in the economy is to see how people are spending money. In hard times, people tend to shy away from going out to eat, especially to upscale restaurants. However, there’s good news for fine dining–the results of a recent study showed an uptick in Americans visiting upscale restaurants. Visits are up 3%. Since fine dining makes up about 10% of overall restaurant sales, this is good news for the economy.
With the rise of fine dining appeal coming back, chefs and restaurants are beginning to find ways to draw even more customers in, feeling that they have both the means to do so and the customer base. New and interesting methods of making dishes palatable, look appealing and unusual are beginning to crop up in restaurants across the country. One such trend involves using microgreens an