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Why America’s Favorite Dessert Will Always Be Ice Cream

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How often do you buy ice cream from the grocery store? What about going out for ice cream at a local shop? Whether or not ice cream is your favorite dessert, you probably still enjoy an ice cream cone every once in a while. Ice cream can be nostalgic for some of us as it reminds of us of summertime or memories when we were young. Nowadays, there are so many different brands and so many different flavors to choose from, that even if you don?t crave ice cream all the time, if you find the right flavor, you may be inspired to indulge a little.

So, how much ice cream do Americans really eat?

Ice cream is a constant in the United States. It remains one of th

Ensure Food Quality, Safety, and Brand Loyalty with the Effective Packaging

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The food and beverage industry is aware how important it is to ensure products maintain their quality and are safe to consume. As a result, the packaging industry has a vital role to play in this process.
Since brand recognition is often tied to packaging, many consumers around the world will reach for products that reflect brands they trust. When consumers recognize a specific brand’s packaging, this will often influence their purchase decisions. This is particularly the case with 52% of worldwide consumers when these brands are known for making positive social and environmental contributions.
Food waste is a national as well as global concern. When effective packaging is used, it has the capacity to reduce food waste. Food sealing machines, such as vacuum sealers, are able to effecti

America’s Love Affair with Bread and Why It Continues

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America has been having a love affair with bread since before she was a country. In fact, most humans everywhere enjoy some type of bread all around the world. It is something that humans have done for over 30,000 years, say many historians. Bread has been a very popular food for thousands of years for many different reasons. On of the main reasons is that it is not too terribly difficult to make. Of course, you need an oven hot enough to bake it in, but if you have that, you only need a couple of key ingredients. Wheat flour is one of the primary ingredients and the other is yeast. Wheat flour is the most popular type of flour that is used for bread baking. It has two proteins