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Give the Gift of Delicious Seafood

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Florida keys seafood
Holiday time, special occasions, birthdays, whatever the event, finding gifts for your loved ones is always a challenge. Each year you may feel like to have to do something different, or top the gifts from years prior. This year, if you really want to make an impression, consider gifting seafood.
  1. What should you gift?
  2. Stone crab claws are harvested during stone crab season, which is October 15 to May 15. Notice anything about that date range? It is perfect for the holiday season. The crabs come from the east coast of the United states, and are harvested from the coast all the way along Connecticut down to the Bahamas. They are considered to be a delicacy by many seafood lovers, so they are a great choice if thi

Three Tips for Eating Healthier Lunches

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Low fat calorie recipes
Do you find yourself regularly resorting to fast food for your lunches during busy work days? Are you dissatisfied with your overall energy and fitness level as a result? You may want to consider skipping eating lunch out and instead take low fat packed lunches to work. Here are a few steps that make help you on the road to making a change toward healthy meals. Avoid Processed Foods Anything that comes in a prepackaged container when you buy it is more likely to be higher in fat and calories. On top of that, these kinds of foods tend to feature less natural ingredients. As far as ingredients to avoid, anything that contains hydrogenated oil, enriched flour, and simple sugars is going to be a less desirable option than something healthier. Healthy Snacks for Lunch Are a Must<