In The Trucking Industry Information About Reefer Trailers You Should Know

In the United States, and around the world, the trucking industry is extremely prevalent and important. In simple terms, trucks transport a variety of goods from place to place. They can carry clothes, packages, electronics- and most importantly food and drink. When trucks transport food and drink from place to place, it’s important that they have the correct vehicle and means to do so. No one wants spoiled or rotten food, and warm drinks. The food and drink need to stay in good, fresh, and healthy condition. But don’t you worry, if you’re in the trucking industry, there is a specific type of vehicle you need for all your storing and transporting needs. Here’s the information you should know about reefer trailers.

What Is A Reefer Trailer?

First, let’s begin with explaining what a reefer trailer is. A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer (between 28-35 feet in length, and 13.5 feet in height) that one attaches to the back of the truck. The refrigerated trailer then ensures that the truck driver can transport food and drink (items that are highly perishable), to the desired location without them spoiling due to temperature. Basically, the reefer trailer is a big cooling system. Many reefer trailers use two types of cooling techniques. The first is the use of diesel powered generators. These generators attach to the trailer. The second technique is cryogenic cooling. This uses the melting of frozen carbon dioxide to ensure that items remain cool. Whichever the technique, it’s evident that highly perishable goods will not spoil- especially because the temperature in reefer trailers range from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this is understandable, because reefer trailers first made it’s debut in 1925, all thanks to the ice cream industry- yes, reefers kept your favorite frozen desserts, well, frozen!

Used Reefer Trailers

There are many benefits to purchasing used reefer trailers for sale. They are for all your trucking needs!

Choice: The choice is yours when you’re looking for used refrigerated trailers for sale. Whether it’s a used thermo king, or a different brand- you can choose from a variety of trailers. You get to pick the size that best suits your needs, the cooling techniques/capacity for the items you’ll be storing and transporting, as well as any other features you need. With the freedom to choose, you’ll receive all you want and need.

Money: New reefer trailers can be fairly expensive. If you do not want to invest in a new trailer, used trailers such as a used thermo king is the way to go. A used trailer is not only less expensive than a new one, but it comes with all the advantages of a new trailer. You can save money, and begin transporting your items all at the same time!
Quality: Trusted Companies: A used reefer trailer, like a used thermo king, is in the hands of trusted companies. This means that they will ensure that your used trailer is inspected, functioning properly, and any maintenance that needs to be done is performed. That way, when you’re on the road, you can complete your work successfully and your items arrive in excellent condition.

Durable: Some may worry about the durability of used reefer trailers compared to new reefer trailers. However, used trailers are just as durable as new ones. In fact, your used reefer trailer (used thermo king) can last up to 10 years if you inspect it regularly, make sure it’s functioning properly, and that you get routine maintenance performed on it. You do not need to worry about your used trailer only lasting a few months or years. These trailers are highly durable!

New Reefer Trailers

Now, a new reefer trailer has many of the same benefits as a used reefer trailer- or used thermo king. You have many choices when it comes to new reefer trailers. You get to choose the size, cooling capacity, and other features. They are durable, and in excellent condition. The only difference is cost. New reefer trailers tend to be slightly expensive. However, if you do not mind investing, new reefer trailers are for you!

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