Drinking Coffee Should Be An Experience Modern Essentials Any Coffee Station Should Keep Stocked


A good cup of coffee isn’t just the taste of the brew, but how it’s all held together.

This is an easy detail to miss, particularly when so much of today’s coffee culture is consumed on-the-go. On a short lunch break, on the way to pick up the kids, on the way to school…it’s a blur of sugar packets and display stands! Keeping your customers in this pleasant groove means embracing the little details that go into a breezy purchase. Paper cup wholesale and accessories are your best tools in today’s saturated world. There are thousands of cafes across the nation, but only some stay in the hearts and minds of customers.

Embrace the basics. Make sure your cafe isn’t caught without these essential resources.

Did You Know?

The American coffee market is thriving. According to recent studies the retail value of the coffee industry is reaching nearly $50 billion, with specialty comprising nearly 55% of the total share. The United States imported over 27 million bags of coffee back in 2014 and comprises nearly one-quarter of global coffee sales on the regular. American consumers enjoy two cups of coffee per day on average. It’s not uncommon to see coffee consumed between meals and even dinner.

Paper Cup Wholesale

What’s the most important element a coffee shop can have? Paper cup wholesale is essential if you want to embrace your busy customers. While there’s nothing wrong with having quaint ceramic mugs to encourage visitors to linger, much of today’s coffee culture is on-the-go. Paper cups wholesale should come with lids and several coffee accessories for comfort, such as sleeves and stir sticks. Today independent coffee shops share $12 billion in yearly sales, with no signs of slowing.

Hot Soup Container

You might be surprised to find this on the list. Not only do people visit coffee shops for the flavor and caffeine kick, they also visit to supplement their lunch break. This means a delicious bowl of soup and some pastries! Americans consume an impressive 10 billion bowls of soup every year, with women being twice as likely to order soup off the menu than men. Back in 2016 over 30% of deli operations planned on enhancing their soup stations, from adding new recipes to improving their hot soup containers.

Creamer And Sugar Packets

Part of the fun of coffee is being able to customize it at your leisure. It’s estimated independent coffee shops receive 30% of their revenue from espresso-based drinks, meaning the majority comes from coffee brews and coffee stations. At least 65% of today’s active coffee drinkers prefer to add a little sugar or cream, while the rest will drink their coffee straight black. Providing these options in an accessible, fun manner is key to bringing back repeat business. Double-check which flavors are most popular with your customer base and make sure they’re never out of stock!

Coffee Stirrers And Coffee Sleeves

Alongside flavor you should also have comfort high on the list. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a cup of coffee only to get burned! Coffee sleeves are a quick addition that should be regularly stocked by the creamer and sugar packets. Stir sticks are also useful, as they’re not nearly as messy as spoons and use up a lot less space. Specialty coffee represents nearly 40% of the American coffee cup market and are widely considered the highest quality in the world.

From the tasty brew to the convenient paper cup wholesale, coffee is just as much an experience as it is a drink. What are you doing to bring customers back?

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