How Coffee Unites the World

Coffee stirrers

Coffee is that near-impossibility, an everyday beverage that has almost mythical associations in a number of cultures around the world because of all its qualities. It provides the stimulation, inspiration and clarity that fuels more than half the world on any given day. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and is one of the most traded commodities in the world. For a world on the go, it would be impossible to enjoy a daily dose without the humble coffee cups, coffee stirrers and heat sleeves that make it possible to take your coffee with you on the go.

A very short history of the bean
The coffee bean is the seed of the berries of the Coffea shrub, a tropical plant which is native to Africa. It is now grown around the world. The first recorded instance of coffee drinking can be traced to 15th century Yemen, whence it travelled with traders around the world.Coffee come to Europe first of all through Italy, by way of the Ottoman Empire, as did the name.

The name of the world’s favorite drink is most likely derived from the Turkish word for coffee, kahva. Coffee houses flourished in Europe as sites for meeting and political discussion. It gradually became an indispensable household drink as well. The first use of the words “coffee pot” are traced to 1705. The two most common types of coffee grown around the world are Arabica and robusta.
A world of coffee drinkers
Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. The U.S. is the world’s largest importer of coffee, accounting for almost one fourth of global coffee imports. In the U.S. alone, the annual value of the coffee market is around $48 billion dollars. Speciality coffees make up around 55% of this value. The majority of speciality coffees use the Arabica bean.
On average, Americans drink 1.64 cups of coffee a day. On the whole, coffee is seen as a breakfast beverage, and 65% of the coffee consumed is in the morning. Another 30% is consumed between meals, and 5% is drunk with other meals. Then there are the late-night coffee drinkers who inhabit the trendy cafes, and the long haul truckers, who consume the drink any time of day or night.

Coffee cups make the world go round
Coffee drinkers rely on supplies like cups and coffee stirrers to get their daily dose. The size of the average cup is 9 ounces, and it needs basic supplies like lids, heat sleeves and coffee stirrers to get a cup to go, giving the average commuter something to live for.
Coffee stirrers are an essential part of the ritual, since only 35% of coffee drinkers prefer to take it black. The remaining 65% prefer add sugar and cream. Scientists now see drinking coffee in reasonable amounts as beneficial for health, especially in preventing Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline diseases. A moderate amount is defined as three to five cups a day.

For millions of grateful people around the world, a hot cup of joe is the only way to start the day. Coffee stirrers, cups, and heat sleeves are what it takes to get the world going every morning. Of course, there are the oddballs, the artists, writers and mystics who prefer to drink their coffee in late night cafes, before heading off for their graveyard shifts of caffeine-inspired creativity. No matter your job, timings and preferences, coffee is the one drink that unites the world.

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