Are You Ready for National Frozen Yogurt Day?


Gelato cups

Calling all lovers of sweet, sugary goodness! February 6, 2016, National Frozen Yogurt Day, is just around the corner. In honor of this momentous occasion, our attention turned to this sweet treat and made us question, ?Is it possible this delicious dessert can get any better?? We came up with three ways to improve your frozen yogurt experience!
Toppings! With a few extra frozen yogurt supplies, an average cup can be transformed into the ice cream sundae or dessert of your dreams. From whipped cream to sprinkles, fruit to candy, the possibilities are endless. You can twist your flavors together in a cone or mix them together in a paper ice cream cup. Don?t forget the cherry on top!

Explore the possibilities! Almost thirty percent of consumers prefer plain vanilla as their flavor of choice, according to a survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies. The variations of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and gelato are endless. Since most shops already carry several different flavors, why not provide your consumers with mini tasting spoons to help them decide on a flavor? These portions are minuscule, so your cost is minimal. Yet, maybe these sample spoons will help them find a new favorite flavor or reaffirm their love of your old favorite. If they can?t decide, perhaps it will build your product loyalty and convince them to come back again for seconds or thirds to try your new flavors.

Show it off! Presentation is everything in the food industry. Whether with adorable plastic gelato cups or custom printed ice cream cups, let your customers proudly display the source of their dessert. Custom frozen yogurt supplies, including cups, drink cups, and spoons, can generate more attention to your brand and attract new customers.

The average American will consume ice cream nearly times per year. Ninety percent of households will indulge in the dessert this year, and forty percent of the average population will eat an ice cream or frozen yogurt product at least once in a two-week period. Frozen yogurt supplies are just one of the many ways to keep these sweet tooth owners coming back for more!

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