Three of the World’s Best Latin American Cocktails

Ceviche recipe

Latin American cuisine is loaded with some of the most satisfying dishes on the planet. There’s arroz con pollo, tamales, empanadas, ceviche, enchiladas, gorditas, churros, chile relleno, carne asada — the list goes on — but what about the drinks? The bebidos?

Here are a few of the best recetas de cocina to help you wash your food down.


Mojitos are one of the most favorited recetas de cocina around the world. To make them, you’ll need a dozen fresh leaves of mint, an entire lime’s worth of juice, an ounce of simple syrup, two ounces of white rum, and two ounces of club soda. Muddle the mint first, and then add the simple syrup and lime juice. Shake it lightly with crushed high, and pour it into a highball. Add the rum and top it off with the club soda, and there you have it.

Piña Colada.

If you like piña colada, and getting caught in the rain, then pay attention, as you’ll love this one most out of all the different recetas de cocina on this list. To make a piña colada, you’ll need two ounces of white rum, half an ounce of cream of coconut, four ounces of pineapple juice, and half a cup of ice. Blend of all of this together until it’s smooth, and throw it in a Hurricane glass with ice, and there you have it.

Pineapple Sangria.

There are tons upon tons of recetas de cocina for sangria, but only one of those recetas de cocina is for delicious pineapple flavored sangria. You’ll need fresh chunks of pineapple, two cups of white wine, two ounces of simple syrup, four ounces of white rum, one cup of coconut water, two ounces of fresh lime juice, one cup of sparkling water, and two ounces of grenadine. Combine the wine, simple syrup, rum, and pineapple chunks together, and stir. Let it refrigerate for at least four hours, and then when you’re ready to serve, pour in the coconut water, lime juice, grenadine, and sparkling water, and stir.

If you know any other delicious recetas de cocina, feel free to share in the comments.

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