What are Crystallized Rose Petals and What are they Used for


Crystallized rose petals may seem weird, but they serve a variety of purposes. The petals not only taste good but they compliment food and make it look more appealing. The flavor added by these petals is a nice compliment to desserts as well.

Can I Eat Rose Petals?

Wondering what flowers are edible and how many varieties of edible flowers there are? There are perhaps 100 different types of flowers that have edible petals and roses are one of those. The petals are not only edible but each flower has it’s own distinct flavor. This means that teas, salads, desserts and syrups can all benefit from flower petals including rose petals.

Can I Eat Any Rose?

All roses are edible. The difference between colors will be the flavor. The rose petal should be taken off and the white part closes to the stem discarded. Use darker colored roses for more enhanced flavor and lighter colored roses for a lighter flavor.

Can Rose Petals be Used for Anything Else?

Other things besides eating, that rose petals are good for include helping a sore throat, helping diarrhea, getting blood moving, easing minor aches and pains and soothing and nourishing your skin. Rose petals serve a variety of purposes.

How do You Make Crystallized Rose Petals?

Crystallized rose petals are made from actual roses. The roses should be picked when they are not in bloom but not in bud stage. Put an egg white into a bowl and using a fork whisk the egg whites to create an egg wash. Using tweezers to hold the petals brush the egg wash mixture over the petals. Dust sugar over the rose petal and place it on parchment paper to dry. Make sure they are not touching and leave them in a warm room to dry. They will take approximately two hours to dry completely. Store in an airtight container with paper in between and they will last approximately three to four months.

You can find crystallized rose petals being served at many fine dining restaurants, which make up about 10% of the total number of restaurants in the U.S.The average cost for one of these restaurants is a little over $28 per person. Depending on where you typically eat this cost could be about what you’re used to or more than you’re used to, but these types of restaurants are normally where you will find crystallized rose petals to compliment your dessert.

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