Benefits of Purchasing Dough Sheeting Machines


Kneading dough by hand may take up to 25 minutes, which is a lot of time in business. The good news is that a dough sheeter machine can reduce kneading time by more than half. Thanks to the dough sheeting process, bakers are now able to have the dough thickness they would like. This becomes possible by compressing dough between dough sheeter rolling cylinders. When done correctly, the result is a firm and soft dough. After thinning, the baking dough goes into one or more cylinders to achieve the preferred thickness. The uniform dough sheets are then shaped according to the baker’s desired pastry.

This is the technology that a commercial dough sheeter utilizes. The remarkable design of a commercial dough sheeter allows it to handle a wide array of dough comfortably. Thanks to this type of sheeter bakery equipment, production of laminated dough products such as pastries and croissants becomes easy. With a dough sheeter machine, you will also have an easy time preparing certain types of pizzas and flatbreads. Let us now take a look at the business benefits that a commercial dough sheeter has to offer.

Delight in Crispier Pizza Crusts

As previously mentioned, a commercial dough sheeter flattens dough into sheets by use of rolling cylinders. The rollers do an excellent job when it comes to forcing all the gas contained in the dough. The dough sheeter machine also serves as an additional mixing step, and this brings out gluten that makes the dough tougher. Pizzas made from such kind of dough come with a tad more of crispiness.

Enjoy Uniform Baking Results

A commercial dough sheeter never disappoints in creating flat and smooth dough with uniform thickness. This means that every baking session always takes the same amount of time. This is a huge advantage because you rest assured of a consistent and even result at all times. On the same note, cutters will ensure that you end up with duplicate pieces when baking. When making pizza, for example, the smooth result will help avoid getting unwanted rolled edges. Therefore, you will end up with a pizza perfectly shaped for edge-to-edge toppings.

Time Saving

You will agree that manual dough rolling is both effort and time-consuming. When it comes to commercial production, saving time is essential, particularly when there are new staff that need training. Fortunately, commercial grade restaurant equipment in the market today help quicken the baking process. Unlike rolling dough by hand, having a dough sheeter machine means that you can now produce consistent dough sheets. You will also produce a sheet of dough much faster, and the time saved will help take care of other pressing baking needs.

It is along the same lines that you can have batches of dough run through the commercial dough sheeter when in need of one sheet of dough. You are also free to laminate dough layers using your dough sheeter. In a nutshell, though manual baking can be a tedious and complex task, a commercial dough sheeter will make the process much easier.

Produce Different Dough Types

If you have ever shopped for a dough sheeter, you perhaps realized that this baking machine does not limit you to pizza dough. It is possible to have your commercial dough sheeter adjusted to allow it handle different dough types. This includes ciabatta dough known to be sticky and wet. Depending on what you plan to make, you are free even to have icing run through your commercial dough sheeter.

If your company deals with iced cakes, a dough sheeter can help you achieve an even and smooth fondant finish. This is all that you need to make all your cakes picture perfect. In short, buying a dough sheeter machine today is all you need do to enjoy the flexibility of dealing with whatever dough you have in mind.


Are you prepared to switch from kneading your dough to using a commercial dough sheeter? With all the above-discussed advantages, the answer should be an emphatic, yes! Thanks to the internet, shopping for a dough sheeter for sale is only a click away. Buy a dough sheeter today and watch your business enjoy high levels of productivity.


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