The #1 Most Unique Place To Have a Wedding in 2016!

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You’ve said yes, you’re finally getting used to the feel of the ring on your finger, and everyone says you’re glowing. Now comes the hard part, planning the wedding. And the most important decision you’ll make (after “Will you marry me?”) is where to actually get hitched.

So what are the best places to have a wedding in 2016? No doubt you’re tired of poring over lists of “5 Unique Wedding Places” and “7 Romantic Wedding Places” by now. So we’ll try and mix things up with some wedding venue ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

1. The Trailblazer Package: Cuba

With the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba finally lifted, you can be one of the first Americans to play a destination wedding in Cuba. Not only can you have the Caribbean destination wedding of your dreams, but you can also plan the best day of your life in one of the truly most unique wedding places in the world.

2. The Long Shot: In Space

No, we don’t mean on the moon or anything crazy like that (although that would make for a legendary Pinterest board), but with space tourism on the horizon, this far out dream is close to being a reality. Soon a number of planes will be able to take visitors right into the upper atmosphere and the edge of the final frontier. Exchange vows with your beloved while literally out of this world!

3. The Practical Option: Country Club Weddings

The best way to plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget, bundle your ceremony and reception into a single venue. Plus, many golf clubs can also accommodate an after wedding brunch and rehearsal dinner. Best of all, these venues have spacious grounds for outdoor wedding photography.

Got any more bright ideas for the best places to have a wedding in 2016? Sound off in the comments! See this link for more references. Get more on this here.

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