What to Know About Using Crystal Flowers

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Crystal flowers or sugar flowers are often found adorning wedding cakes and cupcakes. When you see crystal flowers used as a decoration, you can be sure that the creator spent some time on the finished product and takes pride in their work. When using flowers for decoration, it is important to find edible flowers because not all flowers can be consumed safely. Just like growing delicate microgreens, identifying and using edible flowers requires a special knowledge and expertise.

What flowers are edible? Lavender and hibiscus flowers are just a couple. An Internet search for edible flowers will turn up even more options. Since different plant varieties offer unique sizes and leaf shapes, there is sure to be something to fit everyone’s taste and style. Crystal flowers are not only pretty, but they also add a taste interest to whatever they adorn.

Using edible flowers and plants can be challenging because it is often necessary to preserve them for later use. While crystal flowers are most common, edible blossoms may also be dried, frozen or steeped in oil to extend their usability. This can be especially important when using edible flowers for cake decorating because often cakes are on display before they are consumed.

The next time you see crystal flowers, think about the time and thought that went into the choice. Often flowers have meaning and there could be a message in the choice of flowers used. Whether there is meaning or not, crystal flowers are a beautiful addition to everything they adorn.

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