Three Ways to Plan a Party Menu that is also Healthy

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Are you planning an upcoming party for a health enthusiast friend? Most parties are catered with comfort foods and high sugared desserts. How can you plan a party that guests are satisfied with, while also keeping your friend?s health consciousness in mind? Here are a few tips for planning a healthy party, without losing the taste.

Serve a wide variety of food items

One of the best ways to reach everyone?s dietary preferences is to serve a wide variety of food items. For example, you might choose to have two different cakes. One cake is the traditional party cake with frosting, sprinkles, and a chocolatey center. The other cake is for those with strict dietary restrictions of preferences. It might be a carrot cake or a traditional cake that is made with gluten free organic materials such as herb crystals.

You can also add a lot of variation to the dinner items. If you have ever been to a wedding or other type of formal event, you have probably been asked to choose between two menu options. Narrowing the choices down to two or three makes it easier and more affordable, while also giving guests a choice as to what they want to eat. If you have two dinner choices, it is best to have one healthy option such as tofu or vegetarian. The other option should be a common event food such as steak, chicken, or fish. Work with the venue?s chefs to create a menu that meets everyone?s dietary needs.

Use food designs that are also healthy

Many people gauge food by its design. You can create the same traditional cakes and desserts of parties with the colorful designs and candied flowers, but use items like herb crystals for a healthier option. There are perhaps 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible and palatable. These garden flowers can also serve as a decoration for the event. When it comes to food presentation or plating, children prefer to have six food color options and seven different food components, while adults prefer three colors and three food components.

Find a baker or chef that can create delicious food designs that also taste good, but are actually healthy. The majority of your guests will not even realize that they are eating something healthy and those that care, will enjoy the attention to a delicious and healthy meal. You can use items like herb crystals, edible blossoms, and edible candy flowers.

Add health to the traditional healthy items

Most formal events come with a starter salad. A lot of the guests will pick at the salad just so they can justify eating a large amount of dessert. If you pay attention to the ingredients of the salad and add healthy additives to it, your health conscious guests can turn this starter salad into a meal. Adding microgreens to salads is a great way to up the health factor and make it a fillable meal. Microgreens are generally rated on a scale ranged from 1(poor) to 5 (excellent). A marketability threshold is often three and up (on the visual quality scale). A rating of less than three designates an unmarketable product.

It can present a challenge to cater to both traditional party guests and those that require or demand a healthy meal. Fortunately, there are ways that you can customize the menu to meet both types of guests. Items like microgreens, herb crystals, and edible flowers are a great way to serve guests with a healthy meal that also looks nice.

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