Microgreens and Edible Flowers 101


Edible flowers

Microgreens and edible flowers are a tasteful food accent that helps make any plate look wonderful. Besides that, another use for edible flowers is in condiments such as vinegars, dressings, syrups or mixed into cheese and butter. To ensure there is no confusion, it is important to avoid using terms like “sprouting” or “sprouts” when describing microgreens because that does not accurately portray what they are. If the stem is cut leaving root behind, and it is not produced in water, it is a microgreen, not a sprout. A microgreen is a seedling with a central stem, which is cut just above the soil line during harvesting. Besides being great food accents or used in condiments, microgreens and edible flowers can be used in different drinks, jellies, salads, soups and even main course dishes.

Growing microgreens is not easy because microgreens are very delicate. They require a certain level of knowledge and expertise to grow them adequately. Typically, most varieties of microgreens require one to two weeks of growing time, sometimes much more time is needed, which can be anywhere from four to six weeks. Also, growing micro greens indoors is not the ideal environment to produce the best product. When microgreens are grown in sunlight with plenty of space and good ventilation, there is an in increase in vigor, which results in more color and flavor compared to those grown under artificial lights. Producing adequate microgreens is mostly about having the knowledge and expertise to produce a quality product.

Many people enjoy using microgreens and edible flowers to help create a lovely dish, increase flavor of their course or to add the perfect accent to their food. Growing micogreens takes expertise knowledge and without the right environment, the final product will be far from sufficient. It is important to understand what a microgreen is compared to a sprout, and to use that information while making dinner decisions. Many stores and markets have microgreens and edible flowers readily available for consumer use and they are the perfect addition to any full course meal.

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