The Making of a Wedding Menu A Caterer’s Perspective


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A wedding is supposed to be the biggest event of many people’s lives. Every detail goes down in preparation, from the lighting in the establishment to the decor for the dozens of guests. Preparation of the flower colors and the centerpieces are two of the most important details. A certain decision has to be made at some point, however: What will the guests eat?

For those that are just beginning to plan their wedding, food may not be the first concern. After all, there is the whole arrangement to think about: the venue, who to invite on the guest list, the people who will speak during the ceremony. The food remains, however, one of the most important parts of a wedding. Get the food right and people will enjoy themselves more.

For those looking to start the food preparation, there are things to consider. First, the food will likely have to be done by a caterer. This means finding one that is suitable and most importantly affordable. Huge plates of food may not be necessary for a wedding.

Here are some quick facts from a catering authority in New York City about the catering business:

  • In nearly all cases of catering, you do not get to keep the leftovers unless there is a prearranged agreement between you and the catering company.
  • When you have an off-site caterer, pre-ordered meals are often less expensive than a buffet or food stations.
  • If you’re marrying in a rural location, such as vineyard or a farmhouse, the establishment may not have a working kitchen, meaning caterers will have to bring their own.
  • This will cost you money.

Aside from the caterer, there are also food items to consider. Will your guests accept the standard American meal of pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and deep fried appetizers. The catering authority in New York City thinks not. They believe that smaller is better–moving away from those pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and deep fried appetizers–and to go with delicacies such as a ball of mozzarella or mini lettuce wraps with chicken.

America has become more health conscious in previous years, with a focus on getting slimmer and staying in shape, and wedding caterers are inclined to follow with that trend. And it might be good for you to do so as well. Healthy food is good food. However, you know your guests. If your family has big eaters, who like fried and delicious food, go with your gut as to what to order.

The best wedding menus have a variety of items for people to choose from. In fact, the best wedding menus take into consideration the health needs of their family and friends, such as whether one is vegan or another needs the food to be kosher. The food items on the best wedding menus may take time to prepare. Here are some tips from the Gourmet Catering NYC authority:

  • Tell caterers about any needed food accommodations. Often, recipes have to be adjusted to cope with food allergies and cooking methods have to be altered to accommodate religious dietary restrictions.
  • A good caterer (and their staff) should be up-to-date about the food safety laws of a particular state.

The best wedding menus allow time for the caterers to adjust. While they may have a great variety of food, the best wedding menus put the responsibility on both the bride and groom and the catering company as well to provide the best food possible for the wedding. The responsibility is shared between the parties.

Caterers often have a great deal more on their plate than people think. For instance, a caterer has to manage of a staff of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers, while ensuring their team is aware of their schedules, place setting, serving customs, and food safety regulations.

A caterer may also be in charge of some decor, table arrangements, and food presentation.

That’s a quick glimpse into the makings of a food catering menu and a menu for weddings in modern society. Always remember that a caterer has a great responsibility and choose them wisely. Your food is one of the central components of the wedding and can leave many feeling either full or empty after the event.

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