What You Should Know About Event Planning and Catering

Special event catering services

In our fanciful generation, filled with spectacular event planning and catering like one of Great Gatsby’s parties, you can be sure that your wedding, bar mitzvah, baby shower, sweet sixteen, birthday party, or graduation will need the best ideas when it comes to decor and event catering. Imagine champagne towers, tea sandwiches, live music, hors d’ oeuvres and you’ve got yourself a perfect picture. However, surprisingly, more and more families and brides are searching for simplicity. The interesting part about simplicity is it takes a lot of effort to be simple.

It is thought that being simple has many appealing benefits: there is less of a risk of something going wrong, it should save money, it keeps everyone grounded, there is less event planning and catering involved. At least, this is what is assumed. In reality, “simplicity and classical” is a category just like “complex and spectacular”. To fulfill any theme takes much deliberation and effort. Just because an event isn’t complex, doesn’t make it less beautiful or memorable. In both cases, the planner has to arrange the correct venues, people, and things, to make sure the themes of the event are perfect-and perfection takes hours of research and days of preparation. One of the more delicate parts of the planning process is the special catering services and event menus.

“The do it yourself” event catering service is in style now, and it works very well for all event themes. These include cultured style food stations–such as Mexican or Caribbean, and specialized buffets. This sort of catering allows guests to come and go as they please without worrying about missing the meal or not eating enough. However, pre-ordered meals are often less expensive than buffets or food stations when you have outside catering services. The reason for this is a set menu is easier to manage.

A caterer can simply plan for and deliver an agreed upon amount of food for an event. Some of the better menus are the seasonal menus featured in New York Magazine’s Weddings–with a guide to best wedding menus. However, a food station buffet will be more expensive because of the large quantity of food being served throughout the evening, along with the different varieties. However, with a fixed food catering menu, the host will have a pre-determined amount of money to pay before the food is catered, while a buffet and food station will not run out of food, but will keep serving food depending on how many people want to eat at any given time–and this is usually billed after the event is over.

To save from any unneeded stress, hiring a company that does catering and decorating is a sure way to kill two birds with one stone, especially if there is a large group involved, such as a corporate event.

Whether the event is simple or complicated, these are the decisions that can make the difference between a successful event and a mediocre one. Both simple and complex themes have their unique appeals, yet you want to make sure that everything–from the event planning and catering to the decorations–is thought through with legitimate event catering ideas that are executed efficiently, because that’s how you make the best of any event.

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