Why America’s Favorite Dessert Will Always Be Ice Cream


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How often do you buy ice cream from the grocery store? What about going out for ice cream at a local shop? Whether or not ice cream is your favorite dessert, you probably still enjoy an ice cream cone every once in a while. Ice cream can be nostalgic for some of us as it reminds of us of summertime or memories when we were young. Nowadays, there are so many different brands and so many different flavors to choose from, that even if you don?t crave ice cream all the time, if you find the right flavor, you may be inspired to indulge a little.

So, how much ice cream do Americans really eat?

Ice cream is a constant in the United States. It remains one of the most consumed desserts out there across the country. While summer is bound to be the peak time that people enjoy ice cream, this dessert definitely isn?t limited to being a summertime treat. Year-round, Americans enjoy their ice cream cones, individual ice cream cups, gelato cups and custom ice cream cups.

In fact, ice cream is so popular that there are nearly 1.5 billion gallons produced annually. That means every year in the United States alone Americans keep the demand for ice cream so high that companies decide to produce more than a billion gallons. The know it will all sell, so they keep producing such a large number of ice cream gallons.

While ice cream isn?t limited to a summertime dessert, June does happen to be the month where companies decide to produce the most ice cream. It makes the most sense that families and friends would choose to go out for ice cream during the first month of summer the most. The weather is getting warmer, schools out and families and friends are enjoying time together.

On top of a high production value, Americans are consistently consuming ice cream. You may be shocked to learn that every single year, most Americans eat ice cream around 28 times. That?s almost an entire month of eating ice cream every day. It isn?t likely that most Americans are consuming any other dessert as often as they choose to indulge in ice cream. To keep up with these numbers, it makes sense that nearly half of the American population chooses to eat ice cream every two weeks, according to the NPD Group.

If Americans are not at their favorite ice cream shop to enjoy a gelato cups or ice cream cones, they are doing so in their homes instead. It may not be as memorable of a moment to eat ice cream from the freezer, but that does not stop Americans from doing so. Statistics show that on any given day, in any given household in the United States, there is about a 90% chance some type of frozen ice cream dessert will be in the freezer.

So, do Americans prefer ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt?

Some may consider this question to be ridiculous because they hold ice cream above all other frozen desserts. On the other hand, many have turned to enjoying gelato or frozen yogurt more than ice cream in the past years. Not only can gelato and frozen yogurt be healthier at times, but also they can feel lighter. So, more Americans are going out for their gelato cups and frozen yogurt cups and ditching the ice cream cone.

You may not agree with their decision, but at the end of the day, it just means more ice cream is available for you and your family to enjoy. Also, you never know if gelato or frozen yogurt may be your new favorite frozen dessert until you give it a try!

When was the last time you enjoyed an ice cream cone with family and friends on a hot, summer day? Do you prefer gelato cups, ice cream cups or frozen yogurt cups? Let us know your thoughts about different kinds of ice cream and your favorite ice cream moments and memories in the comments.

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