3 Reasons to Switch to Craft Beer This Summer


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For many people, springtime in the North-western Hemisphere means two things: the sun and beer. As we crawl out of hibernation, many of us are beginning to plan our first cookout of the year, milling through local catering services and trying to choose a date that doesn’t conflict with post-season baseball. With the increasing number of craft beers on the market, here are three reasons you should think about including craft beer at the cookout.

1. It’s Not All About Alcohol…

While not the only good thing about an ice cold beer, the alcohol content plays an important role in flavor and texture. The alcohol content of your average craft beer can range from 5% to as much as 10% alcohol by volume. Those of you choosing a new bar for happy hour might want to consider one with a few craft beers on their list. You might just find yourself stumbling back in again.

2. ‘Tis the Season

Beer isn’t just a warm weather beverage. Do you enjoy a good brew with any occasion? It’s there to help you and your buddies cheer on the last play of football season, sing a lullaby to St. Patrick, or enjoy a warm meal before Kris Kringle slides down your dirty chimney. You’re not alone. Studies show that 84% of people who’ve come to the craft side choose their beer based on the time of year, enjoying the many seasonal brews available. So go ahead! Raise your glass at each holiday.

3. Freedom of Choice

We love choices in life…and in beer! Studies show that for 93% of import drinkers, 88% of domestic drinkers, and 84% of craft drinkers, finding a new beer is important. With the variety of brews out there, you’re sure to find a couple good craft beers to go home with. If you take a look through your local catering services, some restaurants and pubs even offer bar catering services — a great way to sample what’s out there!

So why not see if this summer is your time to make the switch over to the craft side?

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