The Best Black-Owned BBQ Joints Ever!

This summer, thousands of Americans will take to the highways to have road trips jam-packed with fun. Why not stop at some incredible barbeque restaurants while traveling the country? Barbeque is an art form that is done different all around the country, so get a taste of culture by visiting the best black-owned barbeque restaurants across the US. This video showcases 10 magical barbeque stops you won’t want to miss!

Scott’s Barbeque tops out the list with it’s whole-hog South Carolina-style barbecue. His restaurant is just a stone’s throw from Myrtle Beach, and brings peppery vinegar flavors to his tangy barbecue sauce.

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Cozy Corner Restaurant, Jenkins Quality BBQ, and Burns Original BBQ are close contenders on this list, offering their own spin on chicken, pork, and beef. Bludso’s BBQ is serving up deliciousness in Compton, California, and Dreamland BBQ is serving up their take on ribs in Alabama. Lem’s BBQ is a hometown favorite, and Ashley’s gives a smoky flavor to all its meats. Finally Backyard BBQ Pit and Gates BBQ round out our list, with tangy sauces and delicious seasonings.


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