Cooling Water Treatment Fundamentals You Should Know


Because every cooling water treatment program is different, determining which option is ideal for you can be challenging and time-consuming. This article covers some of the fundamentals of treatments for cooling water services that you should be familiar with.

You can use various methods to treat the water in cooling towers, but filtration systems are among the most common.

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Filters can take many different forms, and your particular circumstances will determine how many you will need and what size they should be.

Over time, a cooling tower loses water through evaporation, bleeding, and leakages. However, you can use makeup water to replace what is lost. You can source makeup water from various resources, such as surface water, tap water, or groundwater. It is important to note that there is always a probability of contamination in re-circulated water due to leaks and drifts.

Minerals in your water can cause water hardness, drastically reducing your cooling tower’s efficiency and lifespan. Chemicals like bicarbonates, algaecides, biocides, and phosphoric acid can alter the characteristics of the water. Contact a water treatment professional who can assess your cooling tower and offer advice tailored to your needs, such as a cooling tower cleaning.

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