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Frozen Yogurt CupsA Fun Way to Eat Dessert

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Frozen yogurt cups are a popular frozen dessert or snack made primarily using yogurt. Sometimes there may be other dairy products added as well, but frozen yogurt is specifically the answer to the desire that people have for something that tastes like ice cream but has a much lower fat content. Ingredients used in the creation of frozen yogurt cups are milk solids, a sweetener, milk fat, yogurt culture and either natural or artificial flavoring or coloring. Once the ingredients are mixed and frozen, the frozen yogurt is dispensed into the many different containers and cups manufactured specifically to hold the frozen treat for distribution or sale.
Frozen yogurt cups are sold by manufacturers to stores and businesses that supply the public with ice cream and frozen yogurt products. The cups

How Many Times a Month Does Your Family Eat Ice Cream?

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All three families were excited about getting together. On the Sunday before Christmas, at a time when all three families would have their daughters home for the holidays, the group planned to get together for lunch and dessert. It would be a time for the college sophomore girls to catch each other up on what was happening in their classes and on their campuses. Louisiana, New York, and Wisconsin were miles apart from each other, but the girls knew that when they returned to the midwest from their campuses they would have plenty to talk about.
And while the girls were anxious to see each other, the parents were taking time to plan the food for the gathering. The host was going to prepare spring rolls and tempura items, and each of the two guest families were to bring Continue Reading No Comments

How to Spot Authentic Mexican Food — Your Culinary Quest for Taste and Bold Flavors

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If you are someone with a heightened sense of taste and a well-developed appreciation for the great cuisine of different kinds, it is likely that you have already tried out a number of different world cuisines and enjoyed the different characteristics and flavors that they bring to the table. Cuisine from different parts of the world is as different as the places to come from, deeply rooted in local cultures, traditions and food habits. For those who enjoy different tastes and flavors, it can be a great and fun experience trying out different world cuisines and appreciating their inherent characteristics and qualities. One of the most popular cuisines in America currently is Mexican food, and for good reason. Rich and vibrant with bold flavors and aromas, the best Mexican food can bring a lot of interesting

7 Tips Keep Your Family Safe from Food Poisoning

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No one wants to get food poisoning but every year many do. As many as 48 million people will become ill with it this year. At lest 128,000 are hospitalized every year with it. It kills about 3,000 people every year. Food producers are constantly working all of the time to working to improve the food packaging containers they use. From using vacuum pouches and other plastic clamshell trays, they are making the public food safe.

There are some things you can do to keep your family and yourself safe when you eat the food you have bought.

  1. Buy from reputable retailers. What is the look of the place where you do your food shopping. Make sure the grocery store is clean and the meats and fish are kept at the right temperature. How does the place smell? That can and should

Need to Know Facts You Should Read Before Hiring a Caterer

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If you’re putting together a big event and are worried about what to do for food, don’t panic! Call a catering service instead. If you’ve hired an event planner, he or she may even have some event catering ideas or suggestions of who to call to make your event a smashing success. A catering service can take an enormous amount of stress off your shoulders, add a professional element to your event, and make clean-up a breeze. However, before hiring professional catering services, you obviously want to conduct some research of your own to find not just good caterers, but the best ones with the services you need to make your event a success. If you have event catering ideas already in place, it’s always good to talk with the catering co

Tips for the Proper Care and Feeding of Your AODD Pumps

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Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps can be used in a number of different industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to water treatment, from cosmetics to the food and beverage industry and many more. If your business relies on the use of AODD pumps, you need to take care to make sure it is maintained properly so that they function at their peak levels as long as you need them to.

In the world of industrial pumps, AODD pumps are real workhorses. They can be used for a number of tasks. These are self priming pumps that require no electricity to work and can be run while dry without doing any damage to the Continue Reading No Comments

6 Unique and Clever Ways to Use a Spoon

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My one year old son was trying to eat the end of a slushy with the straw. He had enough innovation to bite the straw until it was flat in order to try and use it to collect more substance. It wasn’t working. He was getting frustrated. That’s when he looked up and saw the silverware holder in the center of the table holding forks, knives and spoons. His eyes lit up; ‘Poon!’ he cried. Of course, a spoon was handed to him and he happily and successfully finished his slushy. My slushy. Anyway, it prompted a thought; as an adult, spoons really are used to eat the most delightful of foods. Gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, pudding and a plethora of other delicious desse

The Age of Healthy Late Night Meals is Here

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Who says you can’t eat healthy fast food after a late night? For most people, food is one of the first things you think about after a night out on the South Beach strip. Many times, the decision of where to eat can take more time than it should, especially for those who are conscious of their diet and what they consume.
For those who have a craving for food after burning hundreds of calories on the dance floor all night, there is a healthy alternative available and Chicken Brasa is here to provide.
Contrary to belief, there are some benefits to eating at night. For one, choosing something healthy to eat before you sleep can actually promote weight loss. This is because you are feeding your body with the nutrients it needs to work best. Eating a healthy meal or snack before be

3 Reasons to Switch to Craft Beer This Summer

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For many people, springtime in the North-western Hemisphere means two things: the sun and beer. As we crawl out of hibernation, many of us are beginning to plan our first cookout of the year, milling through local catering services and trying to choose a date that doesn’t conflict with post-season baseball. With the increasing number of craft beers on the market, here are three reasons you should think about including craft beer at the cookout.
1. It’s Not All About Alcohol…
While not the only good thing about an ice cold beer, the alcohol content plays an important role in flavor and texture. The alcohol content of your average

7 Facts to Remind You Why Ice Cream is Awesome

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This world is filled with sadness and negative people. It’s gotten so bad recently, that we’re at the point where if we even think about indulging in something fun or delicious, we immediately make ourselves feel bad about it.
People are starting to not even enjoy delicious treat anymore. They still like the taste because they’re… well… delicious. But they are being eaten with frowns. It’s time to put an end to this food shaming time we live in now! Sure, you can’t stuff your face with cake and have ice cream cups stacked up to the roof of your car; but it’s time to feel good about enjoying all the wonders life has to offer.
Ice cream. That’s the key. That’s the key to happiness if you ask most people. There are so many wonderful things about Continue Reading No Comments