Are Private School Lunches Healthier?


School lunches are often chockful of nutritious foods. Are private schools near Coral Gables serving healthier lunches than public schools? A lot of effort is put into school lunches. This video will answer a lot of questions about what your kids are eating at school.

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The school lunch program has been in place since WWII. It was decided in 1946 that every child in the United States should have access to at least one healthy meal every day and the school lunch program was born. Just about every school in the United States participates in the school lunch program, including many private schools. The difference between public school lunches and private school lunches is often compared. Private schools often put more research dollars into crafting lunch menus that are more palatable and in many cases more nutritious.

This video will provide you with the history of school lunches and what some of the federal requirements are for lunches that are served in schools. There is also a link to an organization that is pushing for healthier options in schools for lunches. If you want to know more about what your kids are eating in school watch this video. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of thought goes into these meals.


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