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Send Your Taste Buds on a Flavorful Adventure

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Red pepper hummus
Did you know that the word “hummus” translates to “chickpeas” in Arabic? Modern hummus dip recipes can be traced back to 13th century Egypt, but it was not until the 1990s that hummus had a cultural impact on the United States. Today, hummus is readily available in several hummus brands and recipes because there are two important benefits of consuming this Middle Eastern food. – Various recipes. There are countless types of hummus available. Classic hummus, for example, consists of mashed chickpeas, tahini, and lemon juice, while spicy versions of hummus add chili peppers and red peppers to the classic recipe. Other versions of hummus include roasted garlic, spinach and artichoke, and sun dried tomato, all of

Don’t Order a Custom Birthday Cake Without Reading These Three Tips

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Wedding cakes toronto
This April 23, it will be Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Chances are, though, even though he’s one of the most well known authors of all time, he won’t be receiving a birthday cake anytime soon.
Speciality birthday cakes are one way to mark an occasion that only comes once a year, and they’re a perfect way to celebrate big milestones, such as a quinceanera, 16th birthday, 40th birthday, et cetera. This is how you get a cake specially formatted to the interests of your loved one. If you’re interested in getting custom birthday cakes, we have three tips you should read first.
1. You Can Try Homemade, But…
…If you’re not Martha Stewart, you probably know by now. If you’ve ever tried to make something that seemed beautiful and easily doable in a magazine, but looked like an

Hummus, How We Love Thee!

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Classic salsa
Hummus is quickly becoming one of the most popular side dishes, appetizers, and dips. At any given moment you may find it being served and fine restaurants, Super Bowl parities, or book club meetings. Consumption of this versatile dip has increased dramatically in the United States with sales exceeding $300 million. There was even a hummus entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the record setting plate weighing more than 4 tons. Here is some additional information about the wildly popular hummus dip. All hummus dip is made from chickpeas. Depending on your tastes however, there are many different hummus recipes and flavors. Some prefer a traditional tahini hummus dip, while others opt for a roast

The Best Part About Guacamole Is That You Can Try Many Different Recipes

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What is guacamole
Many people are stuck in the rut, having the same old potato chips and french onion dip as a pre-dinner snack when they are entertaining guests. If you are doing this, you are missing out on the great tasting fun and possibilities that fresh guacamole dips present. If you are looking to liven things up, there are many recipes using guacamole that you can make for your next dinner party. Here are a few of those classic guacamole recipes that you can try. One of the most popular recipes using guacamole is a seven layer taco dip. This offers your guests a chance to sample everything that they would find in a taco as part of a dip with tortilla chips. People just love