Hummus, How We Love Thee!


Classic salsa

Hummus is quickly becoming one of the most popular side dishes, appetizers, and dips. At any given moment you may find it being served and fine restaurants, Super Bowl parities, or book club meetings. Consumption of this versatile dip has increased dramatically in the United States with sales exceeding $300 million. There was even a hummus entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the record setting plate weighing more than 4 tons. Here is some additional information about the wildly popular hummus dip.

All hummus dip is made from chickpeas. Depending on your tastes however, there are many different hummus recipes and flavors. Some prefer a traditional tahini hummus dip, while others opt for a roasted garlic hummus dip. The traditional way to consume hummus is topped with a dash of paprika, chopped parsley, and olive oil.

This Middle Eastern dish is also popular for it’s nutritional value as well. Unlike most dips, hummus has no saturated fat or cholesterol. This makes the dish an obvious alternative to cream-based dips or cheese-based dips. Eating hummus with fresh vegetables can add more vitamins and nutrients to the already healthy dish. Add to this the fact that hummus is full of flavor, it is no wonder that the dip has become as popular as it has.

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