Don’t Order a Custom Birthday Cake Without Reading These Three Tips

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This April 23, it will be Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Chances are, though, even though he’s one of the most well known authors of all time, he won’t be receiving a birthday cake anytime soon.

Speciality birthday cakes are one way to mark an occasion that only comes once a year, and they’re a perfect way to celebrate big milestones, such as a quinceanera, 16th birthday, 40th birthday, et cetera. This is how you get a cake specially formatted to the interests of your loved one. If you’re interested in getting custom birthday cakes, we have three tips you should read first.

1. You Can Try Homemade, But…

…If you’re not Martha Stewart, you probably know by now. If you’ve ever tried to make something that seemed beautiful and easily doable in a magazine, but looked like an internet-worthy joke when you were done with it, then someone’s one-of-a-kind birthday cake might not be the best time to experiment with icing and food dye. If you are going to DIY things, keep it simple.

2. Don’t Order a Cake Sight Unseen

Have you ever seen the website “cakewrecks”? It’s full of ordered cakes that turned out nothing like what was ordered — hilarious for the viewer, but sad for anyone who bought it. This is what can happen if you order from birthday cake shops without confirming first that they have the skills, talent, and the materials necessary to create the type of artistic cake you’re thinking of. Television shows might make it look easy, but each shop is different in what it specializes in, and what its capabilities are. Ask to see a portfolio of previous work they’ve done.

3. Don’t Leave This Off Until the Last Minute

It might not be a wedding cake, but chances are, custom made cakes are still going to take time. Don’t leave off calling bakeries until three days before you need to cake — good bakers usually already have a schedule lined up and if your cake is more complex in design or composition, they might not be able to get it ready in time. If you want birthday cakes delivered, this will also likely require additional notice. An important note on time: ask how far ahead of time the cake will be baked. You don’t want a stale cake at your party!

Are you looking for speciality birthday cakes? Let us know in the comments. Helpful info also found here.

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