How to Beat the Favorite Finger Food Humdrum With Hummus

Hummus flavors

It’s often been said that the devil is the in the details, and such is the case with deviled egg recipes. Considered one of the most classic finger foods and perfect for summer, deviled egg recipes are sure to be enjoyed by millions this summer — including you.

But, what if you’ve grown tired of the same-old-same-old humdrum deviled egg recipes? If that’s the case, try incorporating hummus dips into some of your favorite finger food recipes in order to shake things up a bit and add flavor.

For example, most deviled egg recipes call for the use of mayonnaise as one of the main ingredients that’s used for the egg yolk mixture. However, did you know hummus spreads can be used with or in place of mayonnaise to give a the average deviled egg recipe a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern flare? In addition, recipes with hummus are an excellent alternative for those who adhere to a vegan diet and don’t consume animal products.

Deviled eggs is just one of many ways in which hummus dips and spreads can be used. In fact, hummus is probably a lot more versatile than you think. There are plenty of other using for hummus spread aside from the dipping and spreading that allowed it to become the kind of condiments. If you’re wondering what to dip in hummus, the answer is just about anything! From chicken wings, to hot dogs, to tacos, and even sushi, try dipping some of your favorite foods in this creamy, savory bean dip.

In addition, hummus is an excellent base for sauces and homemade dressings, as it lends a creamy texture and savory flavor to any dish. Try used it in summer soups such as gazpacho, or as a topping for for baked potatoes instead of sour cream. Or, as with deviled eggs, add a dollop of hummus to any dish that uses mayonnaise.

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