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Updated 11/12/20

Another important step is to educate yourself about a healthy lifestyle meaning. It may not be all about diet changes, heavy exercise, and raw juice cleanses. Instead, you may also need to subscribe to a healthy times newspaper locally or check out what hospital and health services are available in your area. A healthy life definition includes all parts of your daily life, including your diet, activity level, managing your stress level, getting enough sleep, and being proactive about your health and wellness. 

It’s important to spend time managing all of these components so that you can achieve overall health – even if you’re only taking small steps in each individual area. Small daily changes can be the key to huge, long-lasting successes, especially if you make the changes consistently for an extended time. Spend some time thinking about some easy changes that you can make in your daily routine that will make a large improvement, and then start putting them into action as soon as you can. A little bit of focused progress can go a long way. 

It’s never too late to give your lifestyle a healthy makeover. Unsure of where to start? Read on to learn more about some easy healthy lifestyle tips to transform your body and mind for the better.

Replace your heating and cooling system

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always mean squeezing in more veggies into your diet (although that doesn’t hurt either). No, there are other ways to improve your health that many people often don’t think about.

For example, you also need to keep your lungs in mind. Avoid smoking, and clean your home often, as not to let dirt and dander build up. If you own a pet that sheds, vacuum as often as you can, especially if you have carpeted floors.

While your home may seem like the safest place on Earth, make sure you are replacing your HVAC system filters often too. Failing to do so may result in buildup on the blower fans and ductwork. This can eventually lead to mold growing on or around your unit. Breathing in these spores can worsen asthma and aggravate allergies.

If you need HVAC repair, your heating or cooling system has stalled, call a specialist right away. Neglecting this can result in undesirable living conditions in the winter and summer.

Clean your window treatments

Another way you can improve your health by reducing dust and allergens is by cleaning your window treatments. Dust can settle on your curtains and blinds, so make cleaning your window treatments a weekly habit. For Roman shades, use a vacuum to get rid of any excess dirt. A handheld vacuum is ideal, as it allows for a full range of motion. For wooden blinds, avoid water. Instead, use a feather duster to get rid of the excess dirt.

Take good care of your teeth

For pearly whites that may stop strangers dead in their tracks to stare, make an effort to floss each morning. This small act can save you from developing harmful diseases such as gingivitis or cavities. Floss after brushing for two to three minutes. Dentists also suggest flossing after each meal to dislodge any food stuck in your teeth.

basics of a healthy lifestyle

Not only will this keep your gumline healthy, but it can also save from the embarrassment of having a conversation with a new person with a mouthful of spinach! For further gum disease treatment, make sure you are going in for yearly checkups with your dentist. They can catch this disease before it progresses into something worse.

Dentists also suggest switching your toothpaste out often if you’re using a whitening toothpaste as these may weaken your teeth over time. Instead, use one that can help you develop healthier gums. Look for one that states it’s a ‘gum detoxifying’ toothpaste on the packaging to cut your risk of disease. You can also use a toothpaste formulated with fluoride to strengthen your enamel.

If you’re worried about what you’ve heard about fluoride on the internet, know that it’s completely safe. Doctors recommend it as it’s a key ingredient when trying to ward off cavities. As long as you don’t swallow an excessive amount, you should be safe.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

These easy healthy lifestyle tips can’t save you from a completely sedentary lifestyle, so if you truly want to change your life for the better, exercising to some degree is mandatory. If you can’t stand running, and the thought of picking up a weight sounds horrid, swimming may be the solution.

Like any form of cardio, swimming jacks your heart rate up significantly and allows your body to burn off any excess calories. You’ll lose weight and improve your physical endurance, but your body will also release endorphins.

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Want to know why runners are so addicted to the sport? Endorphines are hormones released while you’re exercising, and they make the human body feel happy and energized. This is just one of the many perks of starting an exercise routine.

Swimming pools can be just as useful as a gym stocked with equipment. The only difference is that swimming is low impact. Squatting, running, and jumping may be too difficult for some people. For example, senior citizens, or anyone living with a disability, may prefer the soothing nature of the water instead.

Cycling is another example of low impact cardio. You can take a spin class if you want to challenge yourself; however, if you wish to go at a slower pace, try LISS cardio on your own. LISS cardio stands for low intensity, steady-state cardio. The goal isn’t to go as fast as you can. As the name implies, the goal is to maintain a steady speed and pace for a prolonged amount of time — think 45 minutes to an hour.

Don’t give up the foods you love

Achieving balance is crucial when following some of these easy healthy lifestyle tips. Healthy living is not about restriction — it’s about making healthy and sustainable choices for your body and mind. This may sound contradictory to the information above, but you shouldn’t completely cut out the foods you love. Yes, sugar and sodium can be unhealthy in excess. But if you deprive yourself, you may start to resent your healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to survive off of celery and carrot juice to be healthy. And you certainly don’t have to run miles every day either. Simply find a plan that works for you. Spread out a few treats throughout the week. Take a few days off from the gym — it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Filter your water

While it’s important to get your eight glasses of water a day, you also want to ensure that it’s purified and clean too!

Drinking great tasting water will also encourage you to drink more, instead of reaching for sugary coffee drinks and sodas. Not only can these drinks rot and stain your teeth, but they can also contribute to significant weight gain. If you struggle to drink water by itself — you find the taste plain — infuse it with berries, or lemon, and cucumbers.

healthy lifestyle goals

If you notice your water is looking brown, this could be due to your water heater rusting. Water heater repair may be necessary if your water is brown or metallic-tasting. Call a plumber right away, to prevent you from getting sick from your own drinking water.

How else are you supposed to follow these other easy healthy lifestyle tips if your water is bad for you? Plumbers can resolve the issue straight away, so you can continue hydrating your body with clean, and safe-to-drink water.

Seek a trainer or nutritionist if you’re struggling to make progress on your own

Don’t be afraid to ask for help during your health and fitness journey. Implementing some of these easy healthy lifestyle tips may feel overwhelming initially. Especially if this is your first time working towards a healthy lifestyle. If you find that you’re struggling on your own, look into hiring these pros.

Your health is worth the investment! Even meeting with an online coach can give you the information you need to succeed on your own. Alternatively, you can educate yourself on these topics if you want to make the most out of these easy healthy lifestyle tips. Listen to health and fitness podcasts or check some books out of the library. Even watching videos online is a free and easy way to educate yourself on some trickier topics.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel sluggish, and not to mention many people binge on greasy foods while drinking. Keep your alcohol consumption in check, if you want to abide by these easy healthy lifestyle tips.

Keep your mental health in check

Take up meditation or journaling to help improve your mental health. These daily practices may take a few weeks to develop into solid habits, but like all of these other tips, make yourself a priority and stay consistent.

Follow these tips while meditating

  • Listen to white noise to eliminate distractions
  • If you begin to worry about other things, gently bring your thoughts back to your breathing
  • Use a meditation pillow for ultimate comfort

Wake up earlier for a more productive day

Stop sleeping through your alarms. It’s tempting, but if you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, waking up a little bit earlier allows you to be more productive, and can improve your mental wellbeing.

healthy lifestyle activities

If sleeping in is too much of an issue, take a cold shower first thing in the morning to wake you up. It may help to have something to look forward to when you get out of bed too. This can be a healthy breakfast, a session of yoga, or a ten-minute routine where you drink your coffee while listening to your favorite podcast.

Starting your day on a good note can shape your day into a positive one, thus allowing you to make healthier and beneficial choices throughout the following hours.

Pack healthy snacks for work when following these easy healthy lifestyle tips

If you work in an office, make sure to pack some healthy snacks, so you don’t feel tempted to splurge on a vending machine snack. Out of all the easy healthy lifestyle tips included on the list, this one may be the simplest to implement. Just pack a banana or orange on your bag to kill those midday cravings.

Make your kitchen somewhere you want to be

Lastly, create a kitchen space you’re proud of. Ensuring that everything has a place will encourage healthier eating habits. For example, a larger pantry will allow you to store healthier dry foods like protein-filled lentils and beans, and other hearty grains like quinoa.

Swapping out white grains like plain rice in favor of a whole grain substitute can reduce your risk of heart disease by 33%. These plant-based proteins should be staples in your diet if you want to improve your health and increase your energy levels. If your current kitchen feels outdated and cluttered, contact a team of interior contractors to help renovate.

Having a bright and airy space can also encourage you to cook more home-cooked meals. While buying fast food every now and then can save you some time, this is not a sustainable way to live. Food from your favorite burger joint is often laden with excess salt, sugar, and calories. While it may taste great, the effects of surviving on a diet of fast food alone can be detrimental to your health.

Ask your home remodeling team to add a built-in cutting board to make chopping up veggies and fresh herbs a breeze. You can also ask for a larger sink to accommodate more dishes, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when dealing with the cleanup that comes with cooking a delectable meal. Of course, more counter space can also motivate you to bring out all of your favorite cooking tools. Make vitamin-enriched smoothies in your blender, or a veggie sandwich with a panini press. You won’t have to keep them hidden after a renovation.

As you can see, the healthy options are endless when you have a kitchen to accommodate your new healthy lifestyle.

If cooking healthy meals is a foreign topic to you, consider creating some of these balanced meals.

  • vegetable and tofu stir fry
  • lentil pasta with Roma tomatoes and marinara
  • vegetable flatbread
  • kale and banana smoothie
  • berry acai bowl with granola
  • spinach, arugula, and chickpea salad with a balsamic glaze


These easy healthy lifestyle tips are sure to improve every aspect of your life. Make sure to keep your lung health in check by diligently cleaning your heating and cooling systems. Visit your dentist annually, stay active, and watch what you’re putting into your body for the best results.

healthy lifestyle

Now is the time to start asking yourself, is your lifestyle healthy? You’ve already learned some simple ways to live a healthy lifestyle, but perhaps you’re stuck on the question of why live a healthy lifestyle? In short, it’s because the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are abundant and important. It isn’t difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle, either!

Adopting healthy lifestyle goals will be an important step if you hope to live a more healthy life. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy steps to a healthier lifestyle that you can partake in.

The basics of a healthy lifestyle are all about how active you are and how much you eat. Healthy lifestyle activities can include serious workouts like lifting weights and going for runs, or simpler activities like an evening walk or bike ride through town. They also include portioning your meals so you aren’t eating too little, but also aren’t overeating. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so be sure to incorporate that into your health plan!

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