Healthy Home Tips for Summer

Living a healthy life and having a healthy home go hand in hand. Not only does a clean, healthy home inspire feelings of relaxation, but it can also encourage you to keep up on a healthy lifestyle or start to eat healthier in the first place. In fact, studies have shown that even a simple kitchen remodel means that more people spend time in the kitchen. If you’re used to eating fast food instead of cooking up a home-cooked meal, finding inspiration in your home might be just the trick to start leading a healthier life.

Healthy home tips are easier than ever to follow now that summer has arrived. Instead of worrying about icy cold breezes or spring showers, the warm months of summer typically offer a stable climate that’s ideal for home projects. Now, you don’t need to worry about snow falling through your roof as you engage in residential roof repair efforts. It also means that you can shed layers when you’re getting too hot while you remodel your small bathroom with poor ventilation.

When you’re surrounded by a healthy environment, this outside stimulus will solidify your commitment to living a healthier life. Healthy home tips demand a clean space, but it also means investing in outdated features to better suit your needs. In this piece, we’ll dive into why having a healthy home can lead to a healthier life — and the benefits of living with health at the forefront.

Update outdated features with energy-efficient options

Many old homes — and even some newer homes — are built with cost-effective measures in mind. As a result, your current abode might not be outfitted with the best in energy-efficient appliances and options. For example, many older homes are built with wood-frame, single-pane windows. While these might looks aesthetically pleasing, they do little to keep out the draft. Even the best heating and cooling contractors can’t keep your house at a comfortable temperature without the necessary structural updates.

It’s recommended that houses are outfitted with double-pane windows in vinyl frames for the best in insulation. You should also invest in updated insulation if you haven’t gotten it redone in many years. Modern insulation in your attic and basement can make a world of a difference in keeping your home cool since these are the locations that temperatures fluctuate the most. You should also consider updating your roof since most roofs need to be replaced every two decades or so. With these updates, you’ll soon find that your air conditioner is running more smoothly in the summer, making it less likely for you to engage in air conditioning repair jobs. This is great for your home’s comfort and your wallet.

But it isn’t just heating and cooling that you have to worry about. Now is the perfect time to invest in a water-efficient showerhead, a low-flow toilet, and energy-efficient appliances. When you invest in materials that are eco-friendly, you’re helping the planet — and yourself.

Perform a home inspection for hazards

Most people only think of home hazards in the form of fires and carbon monoxide. While these hazards are important to monitor, there are other home health hazards that could damage your family’s health.

The best thing you can do is invest in a home inspection. Relying on an experienced auditor to assess your home’s safety will give you the knowledge needed to make the necessary changes. You might find that radon is seeping into your home through the basement or that you have a leak in your pipes resulting in calcium-rich hard water. An AC company might also find that it’s time to replace your old furnace before an electrical fire occurs.

These aren’t aspects of home health that we think about every day. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in a home audit at a frequent cadence: getting it done once every few years is more than enough. In between these audits, you should perform basic home inspections by yourself and call for help at the first sign that something goes wrong.

You should also hire a pest control company to ensure that animals, bugs, and molds aren’t getting into your home. A termite infestation can seriously impact your home’s structural integrity, while rat droppings can put your health at risk. Pest companies are adept at identifying points of entry, capturing pests, and preventing issues like this from happening again. Now that summer is here, we’re all worried about mosquito control. These nasty pests carry a slew of diseases along with their itchy bites. Hiring a pest company will help ensure you’re able to enjoy evenings on the patio in comfort.

It isn’t always easy to be a homeowner, but these home health tips will ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

Invest in home features that promote health, like a pool

Since most of the United States is still struggling with the effects of COVID-19, getting active at home has become more important than ever. Healthy home tips start with the basics, but they also encompass the importance of fitness, as well.

A pool is one of the most popular home fitness features. It’s the fourth most-popular sport in the world and people of all ages can partake thanks to its low-impact health benefits. This is why it’s a great option for old folks’ homes and a staple at your local drug addiction treatment center. Not everyone has the strength to lift weights or go for a run, but just about anyone can tread water or enjoy the resistance water has to offer through a simple lap around the pool. While you will have to invest in pool cleaning services, this is still a great ROI if you plan on using your pool often or selling the home in the future.

Other home features that promote health include the presence of a home gym, an easy-to-navigate kitchen, and ample green space. A home gym will encourage you to work out, even if it’s only occasionally. Start with the basics, including a yoga mat, some light weights, and a mirror to monitor your posture while you’re working out.

It might not seem like a clean, orderly kitchen can promote health, but many people avoid their kitchen if it’s cramped or cluttered. Spending more time in the kitchen can help ensure that you’re making healthy meals at home instead of opting for fast food at the end of a stressful day. A majority of homeowners claim to spend more time in their kitchen after a remodel, whether they’re making healthy enchiladas from a Mexican food distribution company or salads from the local farmer’s market. It just goes to show that changes in your environment can encourage healthier habits.

If you don’t have a lot of money to make these big changes, however, even modifying your green spaces can make a world of a difference. You’ll be far more likely to spend time on your lawn if it’s surrounded by beautiful flowers or shady trees. Try to invest in hardscaping to install a patio or retaining walls to give your outdoor space a little more depth. You’d be surprised at the amount of activity you’ll experience by simply spending more time outside.

Healthy home tips look different for everyone but changes that promote activity are essential.

Make your home somewhere you’d love to hang out

Do you enjoy your home?

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is enjoying the space you live in. If you’re uncomfortable in your home, this will adversely affect your health. You might be more stressed, experience higher levels of irritation, and become more lethargic or fatigued over time. While you don’t have to perform an entire home remodel, making simple changes to your humble abode are some healthy home tips that make a world of a difference.

The first thing you should do is get organized. A cluttered home encourages a cluttered mind, which will make it difficult to relax when you finally have some downtime. Come up with storage solutions or Marie Kondo your home by getting rid of things that don’t do anything for the space. Unless it brings you joy or serves a purpose, there’s no reason to keep those hand-me-down nick-nacks and clothes that you never wear.

Keeping your home clean is just as important as keeping it organized. Try to do a simple chore each day to encourage a healthier home. One day, schedule a time to vacuum. The next day, try to dust all surfaces. You might have to partake in these chores a little more frequently if you have children or pets that are prone to making messes.

You should also clean up messes as they happen instead of leaving them for later. This includes wiping down any sauces for pastas when they drip, doing dishes as they become dirty, and cleaning your sink after every use. These simple habits will help your home feel more welcoming and you won’t have to rush to clean every inch of the place when you invite guests over. A cleaner space will also encourage you to perform healthy habits; for example, you might actually perform the recommended dental treatment of brushing your teeth for two whole minutes if you’re gazing into a clean mirror and sink each day.

Now that the basics are squared away, how do you feel about your living space? If you’re an entertainer, establishing a place to welcome guests is vital for your mental health. Try to set up a game room in the basement or improve the look of your patio for outdoor hangouts during the summer. This last tip is essential for social distancing purposes during the pandemic. Try to have as much room as you can to spread out.

You might also want to update your furniture for a more relaxing space. A comfortable couch with cupholders can do wonders for sports nights, but buying a desk will help you achieve a better work/life balance if you’re working from home right now. Establishing a comfortable space is one thing, but healthy home tips demand function as well.

Healthy home tips for a healthier life

These healthy home tips are key in leading a healthier, more satisfying life. Whether you’re trying to take care of your mental health or improve your physical health, these options are great for making a house into a home. Of course, you don’t need to invest in all of these changes at once; over time, establishing a healthier home little by little can give you a strong sense of satisfaction. Whether you’re planning a whole home remodel or simply looking for ways to feel better, investing in healthy home projects will ensure your health for years to come. Try to use these healthy home tips today.

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