How Many Times a Month Does Your Family Eat Ice Cream?


Individual ice cream cups

All three families were excited about getting together. On the Sunday before Christmas, at a time when all three families would have their daughters home for the holidays, the group planned to get together for lunch and dessert. It would be a time for the college sophomore girls to catch each other up on what was happening in their classes and on their campuses. Louisiana, New York, and Wisconsin were miles apart from each other, but the girls knew that when they returned to the midwest from their campuses they would have plenty to talk about.
And while the girls were anxious to see each other, the parents were taking time to plan the food for the gathering. The host was going to prepare spring rolls and tempura items, and each of the two guest families were to bring dessert.
Cold temperatures plagued the country over the weekend. With both guest families arriving at the same time, the group was tempted to talk outside, but the weekend wind chills were dangerous so they quickly moved inside. Before stepping in the house, however, they shared a few laughs as both guests simply set their ice cream buckets on the cold concrete. It was a foregone conclusion that the frozen dessert could survive outside until it was needed.
One week before Christmas, in fact, locations as diverse as Texas and Louisiana were dealing with temperatures well below the freezing mark. Some places in Texas, for instance, saw a difference in temperatures that ranged as much as 70 degrees. Interestingly enough, even when the temperatures drop to unexpected record lows, one dessert is still a popular option. Whether you live in the warmest regions of the country, or in a place where the unexpected cold temperatures are making people wish for winter coats, ice cream and yogurt stores are still popular destinations. What is it that makes both ice cream and yogurt a treat that people can enjoy in any type of weather?

  • Nobody can turn down the invitation for ice cream, especially when it is at one of those adorable little shops with the brightly colored ice cream cups and matching tasting spoons!
  • Every month is a great time to eat ice cream, but June is the month when the most ice cream is produced.
  • Velvet cake, pumpkin pie, and chocolate mousse are just some of the varied flavors that you can order from ice cream counters around the country.
  • Every time you walk into an ice cream store you reveal a little bit about your personality. Are you the kind of person who always gets the same flavor, never sampling anything else. Or, are you the person who goes through at least two to three testing spoons before deciding what you want in your brightly colored ice cream cup?
  • Retail decisions for ice cream owners are many. From selecting the color scheme for the ice cream cups to selecting the upholstery for the boots that encourage guests to stay awhile, many ice cream shop owners create unique and cleverly designed spaces.

  • Tasting is encouraged in many ice cream stores. Increasing the numbers of flavors that you like will, in fact, increase the likelihood of getting you back into the store.
  • On top of a warm brownie, ice cream is the best!
  • Only vanilla will do for some enthusiasts!

  • Containers of ice cream are available in a variety of forms. From single serve cartons that encourage a grab and go snack at the grocery store to the large gallon size buckets, it is easy to make the decision to purchase this frozen treat whether you want to eat it all now or save it for the crowd at the end of a party.
  • One thing that makes ice cream such an interesting product is that the churning process actually creates a product that is as much as 50% air.
  • Lots of ice cream and other frozen products get sold every year. In fact, the latest statistics indicate that there are about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in America every year, some sold in franchise designed ice cream cups some carried home from the grocery store in those familiar round buckets.
  • Did you eat you favorite ice cream yet today?

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