Frozen Yogurt CupsA Fun Way to Eat Dessert

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Frozen yogurt cups are a popular frozen dessert or snack made primarily using yogurt. Sometimes there may be other dairy products added as well, but frozen yogurt is specifically the answer to the desire that people have for something that tastes like ice cream but has a much lower fat content. Ingredients used in the creation of frozen yogurt cups are milk solids, a sweetener, milk fat, yogurt culture and either natural or artificial flavoring or coloring. Once the ingredients are mixed and frozen, the frozen yogurt is dispensed into the many different containers and cups manufactured specifically to hold the frozen treat for distribution or sale.

Frozen yogurt cups are sold by manufacturers to stores and businesses that supply the public with ice cream and frozen yogurt products. The cups themselves are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as in many colors, and patterns. The same supplier that offers frozen yogurt cups for sale will usually sell ice cream cups, ice cream cups with lids, ice cream spoons, and related items.

According to statistics, within a two week span of time, at least 40% of American people will indulge in some type of ice cream. In addition, on average, people in the United States will enjoy ice cream or frozen yogurt an estimated 28.5 times in one year. As popular a product as ice cream is, frozen yogurt is right up there with it on the A List. Frozen desserts have become a popular item chosen for parties, including wedding receptions, baby showers, children’s parties, and anniversary celebrations. Therefore, manufacturers of ice cream containers, frozen yogurt cups, and frozen yogurt supplies sell these products by the case or even in bulk form, depending upon the need. These products, made of foam, plastic, or even heavyweight paper, are carefully designed to avoid spills and leaks.

Frozen yogurt cups, in addition to coming in many shapes, colors, and patterns, will also, as mentioned earlier, sometimes come with matching lids. The lids can be as colorful and fun as are the cups, also available in different shapes, colors, and patterns. The lids will fit right over the top of each cup, and can sometimes be clear and dome shaped which saves the fun, swirling shape of the frozen product inside, or the lid can be the same color and the same pattern as the cup itself.

Many stores specializing in ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors and toppings will buy their supplies in bulk to save money and to keep from having to replenish their stock too often. They will usually buy their frozen yogurt cups and ice cream cups, lids, tasting spoons, plastic ice cream spoons, and even their party supplies from the same manufacturer. By developing a working business relationship with one or more suppliers, or manufacturers, owners of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops will establish a type of kinship that will sometimes result in certain advantages and benefits from time to time. They can take part in any promotions offered by their manufacturer a couple of times a year which could result in their saving money here and there. It pays to keep business relationships friendly and healthy.

It has been estimated that by the end of 2013, there were approximately 2,582 frozen yogurt stores up and successfully running in the United States. Since the popularity and the love for frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt products only increases, these types of stores are more than likely even more numerous now.

Because there are so many variations to how frozen yogurt and ice cream products can be dressed up and decorated, these products are used for an enormous number of occasions. As mentioned earlier, frozen desserts are a celebrated addition to special parties and receptions. It is trendy now for there to be an ice cream bar at wedding receptions, with a variety of flavors, and special toppings for guests to choose from. Different sized frozen yogurt cups can even be created with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date printing across in their wedding colors. Creating a sundae is fun for any age!

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