Four Different Types of Hummus That Will Make for a New and Delicious Treat

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Recipes with hummus
Those who prefer a more global approach to their food or who follow vegetarian or gluten free diets are probably familiar with hummus, and many other people like the taste of this dish, as well. What is hummus, you might ask? Hummus is a dish made from chickpeas, tahini (or sesame paste), and assorted spices and other ingredients. It can be made to suit just about anyone’s tastes and serves as an adequate source of protein in most diets.
One of the best features of hummus is that it can have just about any ingredient You can find these different types of hummus in the store or use an easy hummus recipe online to make it yourself. Check out these four different types of hummus that anyone can make and enjoy:
Classic Hummus Spread
Classic or plain hummus consists of just a few basic ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and spices like salt and pepper. Adding garlic and olive oil can also enhance the flavor of the dish. Great recipes with hummus include eating it as a snack with pita bread or spreading it onto a sandwich.
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
One of the most popular additives in hummus dishes is roasted red peppers. These peppers can add a smoky flavor to hummus when they are chopped finally and stirred into the dip. Some people also prefer to puree the peppers along with the hummus itself.
Spicy Hummus Dip
In order to make hummus spicy, consider adding ingredients such as jalapenos, chipotles, and even crushed red pepper. This dish goes well with pita chips or crackers and makes the perfect dip to share at a party.
Olive Hummus
Nothing gets more Greek than adding kalamata olives into your hummus. You can use these sweet olives to garnish a dish of classic hummus or blend them right in. Just be sure to remove the pits first!
There are countless other different types of hummus that you can create as long as you can use your imagination. Try experimenting with anything from spinach and artichokes to make a great dip or adding edamame or wasabi for a different flavor profile. You can also check out the hummus at your local grocer if you’d like to try before buying all the ingredients. Have more questions about making hummus? Leave a comment below.

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