A Delightful Recipe With Hummus


Hummus calories

Hummus has a high vitamin C and iron concentration along with vitamin B6 and copious amounts of folate. Chickpeas used in hummus dip recipes contain nice levels of dietary fiber and protein, while tahini is composed mostly of sesame seeds which are a leading source of methionine. Market research concluded in 2010 that hummus consumption within the US has gone up thirty five percent over twenty one months while bringing in close to three hundred million dollars. Even so, some people are still hearing about hummus for the first time and are recommended to head out to the store and pick up a recipe with hummus to see what the fuss is about. There are many recipes with hummus which makes it likely each person can find one recipe with hummus that is perfect for their specific tastes.

The Association of Lebanese Industrialists went to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade for protection against the European Commission so that hummus can be solidified as a Lebanese food. The actual taste of this Lebanese food varies, but most of the time a recipe with hummus will contain something that spices it up a notch. Even further, the most common recipe with hummus is that which includes dip as this product goes very well with pita bread, vegetables and sometimes sandwich spreads. Explore all your options with hummus by doing some research and asking those who have had it before.

Another outlet to get more information on hummus nutrition and taste is by going on the internet and doing research on your own. You can easily find a number of different websites that have significant information on hummus and what it goes with. People will post up things that they have added to a recipe with hummus to enhance the flavor even more than it was when purchased. You will come to learn that a recipe with hummus makes for the perfect appetizer as it is different from the rest and gives people something to converse about.

Anyone just learning about hummus is encouraged to give it a try. It contains a few very important vitamins along with healthy amounts of protein and fiber so that you can get some nutrients from consumption as well. Head to the local grocery store or locate on that has a recipe with hummus by taking the time to peruse the internet for more information.

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