Three Ways to Plan a Party Menu that is also Healthy

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Organic micro greens recipes
Are you planning an upcoming party for a health enthusiast friend? Most parties are catered with comfort foods and high sugared desserts. How can you plan a party that guests are satisfied with, while also keeping your friend?s health consciousness in mind? Here are a few tips for planning a healthy party, without losing the taste.

Serve a wide variety of food items

One of the best ways to reach everyone?s dietary preferences is to serve a wide variety of food items. For example, you might choose to have two different cakes. One cake is the traditional party cake with frosting, sprinkles, and a chocolatey center. The other cake is for those with strict dietary restrictions of preferences. It might be a carrot cake or a traditional cake that is made with gluten free organic mat

What to Know About Using Crystal Flowers

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Micro rainbow mix
Crystal flowers or sugar flowers are often found adorning wedding cakes and cupcakes. When you see crystal flowers used as a decoration, you can be sure that the creator spent some time on the finished product and takes pride in their work. When using flowers for decoration, it is important to find edible flowers because not all flowers can be consumed safely. Just like growing delicate microgreens, identifying and using edible flowers requires a special knowledge and expertise. What flowers are edible? Lavender and hibiscus flowers are just a couple. An Internet search for edible flowers will turn up even more option