The Microgreen Trend

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Micro herbs
One way to mark an upswing in the economy is to see how people are spending money. In hard times, people tend to shy away from going out to eat, especially to upscale restaurants. However, there’s good news for fine dining–the results of a recent study showed an uptick in Americans visiting upscale restaurants. Visits are up 3%. Since fine dining makes up about 10% of overall restaurant sales, this is good news for the economy.
With the rise of fine dining appeal coming back, chefs and restaurants are beginning to find ways to draw even more customers in, feeling that they have both the means to do so and the customer base. New and interesting methods of making dishes palatable, look appealing and unusual are beginning to crop up in restaurants across the country. One such trend involves using microgreens an

What to Know About Using Crystal Flowers

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Micro rainbow mix
Crystal flowers or sugar flowers are often found adorning wedding cakes and cupcakes. When you see crystal flowers used as a decoration, you can be sure that the creator spent some time on the finished product and takes pride in their work. When using flowers for decoration, it is important to find edible flowers because not all flowers can be consumed safely. Just like growing delicate microgreens, identifying and using edible flowers requires a special knowledge and expertise. What flowers are edible? Lavender and hibiscus flowers are just a couple. An Internet search for edible flowers will turn up even more option