The Benefits of a Complementary Office Coffee and Tea Station

Office coffee maker

Have you considered putting in a coffee and tea station for your employees? Currently, you officer a single pot of regular coffee and most employees bring in their own preferred coffee brands. Of course, there would be some cost associated with a complimentary coffee and tea station, but would it be worth it? Chances are that it would be. Providing employees with a coffee and tea station can offer the following advantages.

Increased work appreciation and office morale
Offered benefits can improve overall work satisfaction. Many employees will see the coffee and tea station as an added benefit. They can cut costs by drinking coffee and tea in the office and not having to stop and purchase their own every morning. Improving the quality of the coffee provider will also make employees appreciate the free coffee even more. Most offered business coffee is plain and bland and with a trend toward specialty and different flavored coffees today, this is what is expected.

Improvement in work productivity
There are many studies showing that coffee improves work productivity. In fact, according to the FDA, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed and circulated within 30 minutes to an hour and its effect can last up to six hours. Coffee enhances the energy levels of your brain, improving concentration and memory retention, leading to better overall cognitive performance. Providing employees with a complimentary coffee and tea bar ensures that they are getting optimal cognitive performance while they are completing work tasks for your business. This could translate to better multitasking, improved attention, and greater improvement of thoughts.

Improved mental health of employees
Mental health may have a bigger impact on your business than you think. When an employee is suffering from a mental health disorder, they find it more difficult to pay attention to required work tasks. Additionally, they are more likely to take numerous days off and utilize work health benefits more often. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that women specifically, who drink four or more cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to suffer from depression. While you might not be able to encourage high coffee consumption, you are likely to notice the benefits of overall mental health.

Fewer employee breaks throughout the day
Employees that are required to get their coffee from an off site location are more likely to leave the office multiple times per day. Additionally, if they constantly have to brew a new pot of coffee, this can take from the completion of their daily work tasks. When you set up a commercial coffee station, however, coffee can be brewed quicker and more efficiently. The average U.S. coffee drinker consumes about 3.1 cups per day. That means there are about three employee breaks per day that you can improve.

Greater connections with local coffee providers
Once you choose a coffee company to supply your coffee, you will not only be helping out a local small business, but you are also creating important networking relationships. This can open the door for additional business opportunities. Some business owners even choose to use multiple coffee providers so that they can offer their employees a wide range of coffee choices. Don?t forget to also supply the coffee cups, stirrers, and different flavored creamers.

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the United States. People drink it to improve energy and attention throughout the workday. A business that provides its employees with a free coffee and tea bar can improve overall work productivity, attention, and work appreciation. The cost of a full complimentary coffee bar is worth the expected work benefits.

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