3 Tips for a Successful Taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and that means one very important thing: it’s time for tacos! Your friends might be having a rough start to the week and there is no better way to take a breather than with delicious Mexican food, so plan the perfect party with an impressive taco bar with these three helpful tips.

  1. Protein is Important: In order to have a taco bar that your friends will want to copy, provide a variety of protein options. The classic for tacos is porkk, but you may also want to set out grilled chicken, shrimp, and steak. You could never forget your vegetarian friends, so cook up some tasty tofu that they can add to their tacos. There are plenty of recipes online for tofu and tempeh that they and their meat-eating counterparts will love.
  2. A Colorful Spread: You want your friends to get their daily serving of vegetables as well, so don’t neglect those delicious treats. Nature provides use with a wonderfully colorful array of veggies to choose from, so display as many as you can for an aesthetically pleasing table. Classic taco pairings are lettuce and tomatoes, but you can also add radishes for their pinkish tones, corn for its yellows, and spinach for a bolder green. Whip up a pico de gallo or salse verde as well. These will ass great flavor to the tacos as well as mix together tasty-looking hues.
  3. A Margarita Ending: What do you want most when you finally reach the end of a long buffet filled with hearty foods? An alcoholic beverage. Make a pitcher of margaritas for your guests to satisfy their thirst with. Margaritas pair perfectly with tacos and have four main ingredients:
    • Tequila
    • Cointreau
    • Lime Juice
    • Coarse Salt (to rub on the rim)

    These are the basics, but you can add other fruity or spicy flavors to make your margaritas more interesting. If they are not your favorite adult drink, you could make sangria or serve cold bottles of beer to compliment your taco bar.

In a single year, Americans consume over four billion tacos. They are popular because of their small portions, easy to eat structure, and ability to be customized to everyone’s personal taste. At your taco party you can please every guest by setting out a taco bar that lets them be creative, make exactly what they want to eat, and take a break from a stressful week.

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