The Making of a Wedding Menu A Caterer’s Perspective

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A wedding is supposed to be the biggest event of many people’s lives. Every detail goes down in preparation, from the lighting in the establishment to the decor for the dozens of guests. Preparation of the flower colors and the centerpieces are two of the most important details. A certain decision has to be made at some point, however: What will the guests eat?
For those that are just beginning to plan their wedding, food may not be the first concern. After all, there is the whole arrangement to think about: the venue, who to invite on the guest list, the people who will speak during the ceremony. The food remains, however, one of the most important parts of a wedding. Get the food right and people will enjoy themselves more.
For those looking to start the food preparation, there are things to co

Eat, Drink and Be — Married!

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What’s the best menu for a wedding reception? Naturally, the answer is subjective. Some people would say that steak, potatoes and salad are a meal fit for a celebration — but other folks think a backyard BBQ is the way to go. Many couples decide to offer an hors doeuvres menu (think a large selection of small plates or appetizers) which makes sense if you want your guests to mingle rather than to be stuck at a table with people they may or may not know. Whether you opt for a sit-down dinner with all the trimmings, or a buffet befitting an elegant cocktail party, the best menu for a wedding reception will