Hummus, How We Love Thee!

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Classic salsa
Hummus is quickly becoming one of the most popular side dishes, appetizers, and dips. At any given moment you may find it being served and fine restaurants, Super Bowl parities, or book club meetings. Consumption of this versatile dip has increased dramatically in the United States with sales exceeding $300 million. There was even a hummus entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the record setting plate weighing more than 4 tons. Here is some additional information about the wildly popular hummus dip. All hummus dip is made from chickpeas. Depending on your tastes however, there are many different hummus recipes and flavors. Some prefer a traditional tahini hummus dip, while others opt for a roast

Great Uses For Salsa

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Classic mild salsa dip
While most people think of enjoying a classic mild salsa dip with tortilla chips, there are many other uses and recipes with salsa dip have been gaining popularity. Recipes using salsa may feature the ingredient as a way to add spice or moisture to a dish. Some popular recipes with salsa dip involve cooking meat with salsa in a crockpot for a spicy Tex Mex treat. Another popular southwestern salsa recipes involve combining salsa, cheese and meat for a delicious dip. Recipes with salsa dip are popular among dieters because salsa is an easy way to add additional vegetables to a dish. Reading salsa nutrition labels will show you that salsa is a low calorie and fat free food. In the summer consumers can even make their own fresh versions of salsa or pico de gallo. If you are not familiar with this spicy dip, you may wonder “What is salsa?” Salsa is a dip originating in the Spanish food tradition that is usually a base of chopped tomatoes, hot peppers, onion and other spices. Canned salsa usually contain vinegar as well to preserve the product. Fresh salsa, sometimes called pico de gallo is a fresh chopped mix on tomatoes, onions and cilantro.